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About Pomme D’or

Why we decided to represent Pomme D’or

Pomme D’or is a promise to its clientele that they will always embrace quality, comfort and their individual style. Till today, the brand continues to stand firm on its ground of delivering exceptional quality designs with trendy styles and comfortable wear. 

Pomme D’or shoes are designed with a special ‘Bologna’ technique which is referred to as ‘the construction of comfort’ and creates highly flexible and soft shoes. Italian craftsmen are required to cut leather with hands with the utmost care and precision. Pomme D’or uses 100% original goat leather to provide you with comfort and quality designs.

We, at eNibbana are inspired by individuality and embrace uniqueness. We aspire to provide you with the mix of originality, comfort and style. This is why we prefer Pomme D’or. The comfort, quality, style and individuality of Pomme D’or shoes is the reason their shoes are desired by the women of today, the confident women. 

It’s about authenticity, it’s about embracing individuality, it’s Pomme D’or.

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