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Article: 5 Creative Ways to Wear Combat Boots with Jeans

5 Creative Ways to Wear Combat Boots with Jeans
Combat boots

5 Creative Ways to Wear Combat Boots with Jeans

Some shoes are meant to be in every closet not because they are trendy but because they are super comfortable, forever chic, and highly practical. You might have a slight idea of what we are talking about here. Exactly! Combat Boots. 

The question at hand is, 

Did Combat Boots Ever Go Out of Fashion? 

Never, really! They were first introduced in the early 1960s and never actually left the fashion arena. But, over the years, fashion designers worked on them and reimagined different styles shifting to newer materials, heel types, and fastening styles. 

As a highly functional shoe that adds an edgy and confident look to your personality, combat boots have come a long way as a wardrobe staple for many people. The choices are never limited. While a traditional black leather combat boot is a necessity in every wardrobe, you can also choose from other color combinations, models, comfortable materials, jazzy embellishments, or as per the occasion. 

With this shoes, you can be as subtle as you’d like or as dramatic as you’d want to be. The right shoe works with almost every ensemble, from jeans to tights, a short dress, a midi dress, and even a maxi dress. You can easily layer them with oversized coats, a tee, co-ord shorts, and many other styles. This blog gives you five creative ideas to wear combat boots with jeans. Let’s dig right in.

5 Creative Ideas to Style Combat Boot with Jeans

Jeans are everyone’s go-to outfits on many occasions. Why? Well, one, because they are a forever classic wardrobe staple that we first put our hands-on, two, they are comfortable, and three, they come in many styles giving us multiple options to style them. Let’s see different styles you can create with them.

Combat Boots with Skinny Jeans. 

Skinny jeans make you look lean and tall while giving a beautiful feminine silhouette to your overall shape. When paired with the right upper and shoe, they can accentuate any look to a sexy one. The right context for wearing this boots is to show the whole boot. Make sure you tuck the bottom of the jeans inside the boot or give it some folds for a bit of skin to show between the boots and jeans. 

The first look might or might not be casual but works every time. Pair a black boot with skinny denim and layer it with an oversized tee, a denim shirt, and a leather biker jacket. Finish the look with a sling bag like the girl in the image below. 

black combat boots skinny jeans
Image: Pinterest via



Like combat boots, denims are ideal for every weather, which is why you can create sexier looks by combining them for winter and fall. Try pairing skinny denims with combat boots, a sweater, and a woolen stole. Layer the look with a leather jacket and carry a handbag for finesse. See the girl in the image below.  

Black combat boots jeans
Image: Pinterest via @

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Combat Boots with Mom or Boyfriend Jeans

Your mom or boyfriend jeans are high-waisted, straight cut, with baggy legs, and a slight crop at the ankles. After being trendy in the 80s and early 90s, they were eventually overthrown by the low-waisted wide-legged ones. Mom jeans are extremely versatile and a timeless option for brunch dates or for nights out with friends or family. Here are a few styling options with mom or boyfriend jeans. But, make sure your chunky combat boots are completely visible. 

Pair a simple crop top with mom jeans and black boots. Complete the look with a cross-body sling bag. Make sure you fold the pants from the bottom if the boots are not completely visible. Take inspiration from the girls below for trendy and chic looks. 

combat boots mom boyfriend jeans high-waisted straight cut
Image: Pinterest via @

For fall/winter, replace the crop top with a turtle neck sweater or a turtle neck tee paired with an oversized coat. Accessorize the look with a cute neckpiece. See the girls in the images below. 

black combat boots turtle neck sweater
Image: Pinterest via @
black combat boots turtle neck tee oversized coat
Image: Pinterest via @

You can also try pairing them with a shacket and mom jeans. Shackets layer well with other outfits and look chic, vintage, and super cool. Tuck the tee inside mom jeans and layer it with a shacket and combat boots. Give the bottom of the cords a few folds and let your shoes be completely visible. 

​​black combat boots shacket and mom jeans.jpg
Image: Pinterest via

Combat Boots with Ripped Jeans

Nothing delivers a more rocking vibe than ripped jeans paired with a tee and combat boots. You can opt for ripped blue, grey, or black jeans. Go for the color of the boots in contrast with the color of your trousers. Black or grey jeans work best with white boots while blue jeans work well with black. You can layer the outfit with an oversized coat or jacket for fall/winter. You can also go for boots with lace fastening or elastic fastening. Take styling cues from the girls in the images below. 

white Combat Boots Ripped Jeans
Image: Pinterest via
white Combat Boots Ripped Jeans shirt
Image: Pinterest via @
white Combat Boots Ripped Jeans shirt hat
Image: Pinterest via @

Combat Boots with Wide Leg Pants

Wide-legged pants are a complete yes for anyone who wants to stay chic, comfortable, and walk with the trends. They look effortless and add an elegant edge to your overall look. Pair wide-legged pants with combat boots and opt for a turtle neck tee or sweater for the upper. Complete the look with a crossbody sling bag. Notice how chic the shoes with buckle looks in the image below. Take a cue from the girls below and go for effortless styling in classic looks. 

Combat Boots with Plaid Pants

They look super chic with plaid pants and give you a tomboy look. The plaid pants can either be cropped and straight or baggy enough to look super cool. Check out the below looks combining combat boots and plaids. 

The first look has Bella Hadid in a casual chic look with a white shirt half tucked-in and plaid pants. We love how she has accessorized the look with a belt bag. 

 black Combat Boots Plaid Pants
Image: Pinterest 

The second look is as subtle as stylish. A plain white turtle neck tee tucked inside black and white plaids paired with black combat boots. Give this look a try and see fashion take a chic and trendy turn.

plain white turtle neck tee tucked inside black and white plaids paired with black combat boots
Image: Pinterest via

Wrapping Up

Combat boots are a statement piece of fashion that does not need any accessories to elevate the look. You can create different looks with the same boots and still deliver a new look every time. Take inspiration from the above looks. They will make you look fashionable, ever-trendy, and will be your companion through transitional weather. Explore combat boots at eNibbana and pick your favorites from a wide selection and see your style and attitude take a turn for good. 

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