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Article: 70's Fashion Trends That Are Still A Hit Today

70's Fashion Trends That Are Still A Hit Today

70's Fashion Trends That Are Still A Hit Today

The '70s are such a memorable time, an iconic fashion era that is all about freedom, liberty, and self-expression with so many memorable fashion trends. Times where one of your most beloved fashion items became super popular including the high-waist jeans, the platform heels, the bohemian flowy dresses, leather jackets, and even your western cowboy boots. So much was happening in the '70s all over the world and that's why different styles were born - like the Gypsy look, Punk, Women’s Suits, The denim wave style. There are many more that inspire us still. Today we are going to look at each of those different fashion trends that left their mark on the '70s fashion landscape and give you some advice on how to bring the life of the '70s into your wardrobe but be edgy and modern whilst doing so. Some of the 1970’s trends are still a hit today but it isn’t that easy to make a reference to the past in your clothing and to be fashionable and up-to-date at the same time. That is why we are here to help you and handpick some items that will let you rock the '70s look.


To recreate a '70’s fashion look you have to be creative and think of the most memorable fashion brands of that time like Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent, Diane von Furstenberg & more. The polish designer Barbara Holincki is an obvious example of the incredible self-expression period in the '70s fashion. She created the brand Biba with her husband in the early '60s but their sales rocketed in the '70s. Distinguished mini-skirts, feather boas, velvet trouser suits, and felt hats with wide brims are just a few of the amazing trends we remember when we think of this brand. Crucially, the designs of the brand Biba were affordable. The '70s style happened simultaneously with social and political revolution - a time not just for fashion but for social changes as well. People were very anti-bourgeois back then which is why if you truly want to pull off this look you shouldn’t go to the most prestigious shop to buy some '70s fashion items but rather go to a family-owned business where you can find affordable, classic alternative clothing from that period. 


What are the trends of the '70s? 


Moving from the 1960s to the 1970s what were people wearing? Definitely, textiles that you can easily move in, wide and loose trousers, fun and freeing apparel that you can dance to and feel empowered. That is why we notice many loose trousers, wider bohemian lace dresses, and big colorful coats, folk-inspired printed skirts, and more. Lots and lots of colors and dazzling hairstyles like the one of Farrah Fawcett. One of the most iconic looks from that time is the women’s suit. The reason it became popular is many women were wearing that suit during the Women’s Liberation Movement. It was incredibly inspirational and brave for that time because women with suits were considered a taboo. If you decide to go back to these days it might be a good idea to check the videos of Elton John, David Bowie, Queen and then, you will notice how much of a hit jumpsuits were. All kinds of long jumpsuits that allowed a lot of movement and were very provocative and sparkling. Jumpsuits and women’s suits are perhaps the top two out of the three most iconic fashion items of the seventies. What is number three you ask? Of course, we’re talking about platform boots. 

The Gypsy style - a throwback to the '70s 


Time to be bold, stand up for yourself as well as find your inner self in all of these different movements from that period. One of the most popular looks of the decade was the Gipsy look or often referred to as the peasant trendy style. It was filled with peasant blouses with bishop sleeves, long floating skirts, and headscarves - it was extremely popular, very romantic, and very whimsical. You know who absolutely rocked the Gypsy look? Undoubtedly that’s Janis Joplin. The singer's outfits were heavily inspired by the peasant look with her boho style loose blouses, sleeveless suede vest, long-line necklaces, and lengthy headscarves. Below in the pictures, you will find some inspirational outfits from the '70s and the right way to recreate them today: 

Fashion trends in the seventies

The Gypsy Style in the 70's

Okay, let us inspect what we saw here. Here we have two classic Gypsy styles from the '70s and two super trendy and modern outfits that are deeply inspired by the peasant style and the boho, which is super popular right now. We can clearly see that the outfits are similar in many ways, but how do they differ? The main difference is in the length of the dresses, the shoes, which slowly change from sandals to cowboy boots, as well as the lack of floral motifs. Lace is still used by many trendy chic's, so don’t be afraid to work it. Let the western cowboy look have influence in your Gypsy-inspired outfit as the boho goes incredibly well with western boots and cowboy hats.   

Here is a pair of western boots that will look incredible with your '70s Gypsy look: 

Western Boots help you recreate 70's look


Punk Style Now and Then 

In fashion terms, punk varies wildly from Vivienne Westwood to styles modelled by bands like Toxic Ephex. They vary in style & colors but textures are more similar. The punk style is strongly influenced by art movements & music including glam, rock, skinheads, rude boys. Punk fashion has likewise influenced popular culture. Most punks use fashion as a statement. This style is so recognizable and expressive that it is hard to miss. Screaming haircuts, heavy makeup, leather jackets, and tight pants or jeans. This is one of the most interesting aspects of punk - the slimming line of their style. In the '70s the most influential fashion trends were surrounding the idea of feeling free and logically wearing wider, looser clothing. This is why the punk style was so distinguished and it differed greatly from other trends. Punk is one of the styles in the seventies, which retains its distinctive features to this day and is still modern - tight & classic blue jeans, leather jackets, all-black outfits, and t-shirts with messages imbued with meaning.

Punk style now and in the seventies

Inspirational 70s fashion

Here is how you style your punk outfit in a trendy way in 2021. Grab your mom’s old leather jacket and put on your slimming Levi’s, if they are a little torn that’s even better. If you have a checkered shirt, tie it around your waist and if you don’t have a cosmic t-shirt already go ahead and buy one. Something that represents the art movement and culture of today or if you set on being more vintage, purchase a t-shirt with the Ramone’s logo on it. Use predominantly black, white, gray, and leather materials. For the shoes, we are sure you know what to do but just for fun check out these amazing Converse sneakers:

Apparel to help you create 70s look


Women’s suits in the '70s and now


Remember when we mentioned the Women’s Liberation Movement. Let’s take a minute and thank the women who made it possible for women to work in more fair conditions, to be treated better, and have equal opportunities in life. In the seventies, the movement was most successful in pushing for gender equality in workplaces and universities. Today women can wear pants, suits, and dress up however, they like in most countries. Wearing suits was considered such a taboo back then as it was taught as boyish. Boy, did we prove them wrong! Women wearing suits is one of the sexiest, classiest outfits even today. Vintage suits from the '70s are incredibly popular right now, they are basically coming back. It could be due to the influential popular shows on Netflix like The Peaky Blinders or just couture fashion is circling back to this trend, nonetheless, this trend is awesome. Compare women’s suits now and then through the pictures below: 

how women dressed in the 70s

The Women's suites as a trend in the 70s

We are happy to see that women’s suits are coming back because they look incredibly stylish and classy and are really comfortable. The queen outfit of 2021 of women’s suits is the one with a great pair of chunky white sneakers.

White sneakers for the perfect retro look


Retro Denim Style 


Denim jeans, jackets, bags everything denim related was so hot in the '70s. This evergreen look for classic jeans and simple t-shirts with comfortable shoes was popular amongst men and women. Just think about the best comedy at that time - That '70s show when Ashton Kutcher was skinny and wearing a super short t-shirt and pale light jeans. This is a great representation of the denim fever that everyone was going through. Let's go through some examples. 

The retro denim look

70s fashion and style with denim

Perhaps it was the denim obsession that is the most long lasting trend from the seventies till today. Yes forms and shapes of denim on jeans, jackets and even footwear are a little different but wearing jeans will continue to be the ultimate everyday look for most of us.



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