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Article: 5 Biggest Fashion Mistakes you Should Avoid at all Costs

5 Biggest Fashion Mistakes you Should Avoid at all Costs

5 Biggest Fashion Mistakes you Should Avoid at all Costs

From buying uncomfortable clothes and shoes to wearing too much make-up or blindly following unreasonable trends, all of us commit fashion faux pass at some point. Although it’s okay to make fashion mistakes, especially in your teens, learning from these mistakes and not repeating them in older years seems to do the trick for your well-managed, beautiful looks. 

This blog will talk about the five biggest fashion mistakes you should avoid at all costs if you wish to impress everyone with your style and fashion sense. 

Five Biggest Fashion Mistakes

Your style and outfit choices reflect a lot about who you are, your personality, and your mood. While styling edgy looks gives you a cut above the rest, styling a dull and unmatched look can do the exact opposite. From choosing the best outfit for the day to picking the best-matched accessories, handbags, and shoes, you do a lot to style your best looks, but sometimes, it doesn’t come together, and you end up looking like a fashion disaster, uncomfortable in your own skin. Let’s check out some common fashion mistakes you should never make in your journey of everyday styling. 

Uncomfortable Clothing and Footwear. 

We often tend to put trends above comfort to look fashionable and chic. But, we end up looking extremely uncomfortable, out of line, and unconfident. The fact that feeling comfortable and confident in your outfit is the only trick to looking fashionable, super stylish, and chic. When you put on a dress that does not leave any gaps for discomfort, you feel happier and confident, and this confidence impacts your personality, and you come out as a fashionable and chic person, confident in her own skin. 

Remember the last time you wore something and felt instant happiness that gave you the confidence to excel in everything you would do that day? That, girls, was fashion because that was your comfort and confident clothing. When deciding what to buy and wear, always consider: 

  • Comfort above all trends;
  • Whether you are following a trend blindly or you can imagine yourself looking your stylish best in those clothes and shoes.

But, at the same time, keep a note of the thin line between comfort and fit and try to not make a mistake. If comfortable clothes do not fit your body type and you end up wearing something too loose or tight, you categorize yourself as a fashion fail. Remember, too baggy clothes can make you look too casual and laid back, and you wouldn't want that, right? For interpretations of the correct fit, let’s read the next point.

Wrong Size - Your Biggest Enemy. 

Investing in baggy or tight clothes is a mistake women commit while making fashion choices. Too loose clothes make you look even bigger, while too tight clothes keep you uncomfortable throughout and look unflattering. Your sartorial choices should be comfortable, but not too comfortable as to put you in the category of a laid-back person or a fashion mistake. While body-hugging dresses are super sexy to flaunt your curves, make sure it's not too tight as to keep you tied within the fabric. 

The primary reason you should get out of baggy or too-tight clothes is to accept your body as it is and give yourself a break from all the stereotypes and labels. Your clothes are an extended version of yourself but do not define who you are. A perfectly fit outfit should be the one that comfortably moves with your body and eases you to do anything. 

The three reasons why you should invest in perfectly fit clothes are:

  • You stay comfortable throughout the day;
  • Comfort lets you surround yourself with positivity and confidence;
  • You outshine others as a fashion icon because you are already too comfortable in your skin with sharp and refined looks.

Inappropriate Shoes. 

In the words of Marilyn Monroe, “Give a woman the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. We couldn’t agree more, as good shoes bring the right confidence a girl needs to conquer any challenge that comes her way. But, when you dress up with inappropriate shoes that do not compliment the occasion or your outfit or are not your correct size, you are sure to destroy a well brought-together outfit. 

The wrong size shoe will give you blisters and negatively impact your health. At the same time, a shoe mismatched to the occasion will pull your overall look down. While you can wear combat boots with cargo pants or shorts, you cannot wear them with a gown at a wedding. 

Consider four things when selecting the right model of shoes for your outfit, the SOFA approach. 

  • Season will help you decide the kind of shoe you should put on. If it's too chilly outdoors, you should consider wearing cozy boots like Amaya from eNibbana or super stylish winter boots like Groovy High. While winters are for warm colors, summers are fun in cool and vibrant color combinations.  
  • Occasion also helps you decide on the right kind of shoe. Opt for pumps, mules, or sandals in high stiletto heels or block heels when going to a wedding. At the same time, going out for a casual day with friends must be super comfy, matching your outfit. You can go for styles like combat boots, chelsea boots, sneakers, loafers, and more.
  • Formality tells you how formal the event is and what kind of shoe you can go for. You can go for heeled pumps or heeled loafers in basic shades if it's an office conference. But, if it's a casual beach day, you can go for basic flip-flops or flat puffy sandals. 
  • Activity tells you the type of shoe you should choose depending on your activity for the day. If it's a desk-job, you can go for high-heel shoes, and if it’s a field job where you need to walk for a significant part of the day, consider flat shoes like sneakers or casual shoes. 
  • Wearing Too Many Accessories

Wearing Too Many Accessories

Accessorizing your look is a great way to elevate any outfit. Not only do pretty earrings or an eye-catching necklace completes a look, but it also adds up to give an overall look a cut above the rest. At the same time, over-accessorizing is a complete no because, in the case of accessories, less is better. The trick to perfectly accessorizing a look is to keep it simple, minimal, and elegant.


Here are some tips for a perfectly accessorized look:

  • Do not wear huge earrings with a necklace. Always go for either earrings or a necklace. 
  • Use lesser hair accessories. Keep it to a bare minimum. 
  • Use accessories as per the occasion. Your daily job does not require as many accessories as a wedding or a family function. Still, wedding outfits too need only minimal accessories to create a well-brought-together look. 

Not Adding a Mix of Colors to Your Wardrobe 

Not Adding a Mix of Colors to Your Wardrobe

Sticking to basic colors to style yourself is not an option for a modern wardrobe. Keeping all black, blues, or greys to create everyday looks makes your style boring and monotonous. Instead, play with different vibrant colors, prints, and patterns. You might be left speechless with the profound change a shift of color can bring to your style. 

Neon colors and color-coordinated outfits and shoes are a rage these days, with many celebrities leading the trend. However, it is not necessary to follow the same trends. Just find your own style with playful colors and prints. Always stay on the comfortable and confident side of fashion but never be afraid of trying new things. It might lead to a change for the better.

Wrapping Up

It is crucial to not commit these fashion mistakes and be careful in styling different looks. At the same time, it is necessary that you love your body the way it is and not overdo the trends. Make informed decisions when it comes to styling looks that keep you comfortable and glamorous at the same time.

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