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Article: How to Combine Different Prints with the Right Shoes

How to Combine Different Prints with the Right Shoes
Chic print styling

How to Combine Different Prints with the Right Shoes

All of us women mix ‘n’ match colors but mixing prints is a little daunting for many. While perfectly paired prints can make you look flawless, a mismatched one can completely throw the look out of the window. Through this blog, we will take you through some tips and tricks to combine different prints and how to match them with the right shoes. 

Combine Different Prints and Pair the Look with the Right Shoe

Prints have been in fashion since the 1950s, remember the houndstooth print, geometric print, or the well-known polka dots? Designers and fashion houses keep experimenting with vintage classics to present their new and updated versions with an evolved style. 

Mixing prints and patterns might be a little too overwhelming for many women, but when you are confident to pull the look, you are sure to make it to the fashion headlines. Take, for example, Olivia Palermo’s look for New York Fashion Week 2022. She combined beautiful prints with a printed sweater and a printed pleated skirt. This elegant and chic look was maintained with stiletto sandals in a matching shade. 

Olivia Palermo New York Fashion Week 2022 prints printed sweater printed pleated skirt stiletto sandals
Olivia Palermo at NYFW 22’ Image: Pinterest @Liza Quant


Or, on a stroll in Brooklyn with her pet. She styled this casual and chic look with a printed see-through skirt and a patterned blouse. She elevated this casual style with a crossbody sling bag, shades, and casual flats. 

Olivia Palermo stroll Brooklyn pet printed see-through skirt patterned blouse crossbody sling bag shades casual flats
Olivia Palermo in Brooklyn
Image: Pinterest @I S I L J A K O B 

With floral prints, the ever-famous Burberry checks, and the revamped psychedelic print in the latest fashion, let’s see some ways you too can style prints and what shoes are best to pair with them. 

  • Different Prints, Same Color. 

Wear different prints but in the same colors to create a coordinated look. Pair this look with a heeled sandal, a wedge, or pump shoes in matching shades. Check out the women below. This style checks off your formal look as well. 

3 women different prints same colors heeled sandal  wedge pump shoes
Image: Pinterest
Different Prints Same Color woman blue
Image: Pinterest

  • Bolder Prints with Smaller Prints. 

Wear larger prints with the smaller ones because that is how you pair two or maybe three (if you love to go bold) prints altogether. Check out the girl below pairing a bolder gingham print with the smaller one. The leopard print shoes add a third print to the look and also balance the outfit really well. However, you could also go for black, navy, or white pump shoes or heeled sandals. Adding the brown belt with a brown bag adds a hint of color to this black-and-white look.  

woman bolder gingham print with smaller print leopard print shoes brown belt brown bag
Image: Pinterest @

  • As a Focus Piece of Bright Printed Clothing. 

Choose one main piece of clothing in your outfit that you want to keep the whole focus on. It could be a printed skirt, pants, top, or tee in a brighter shade. The other piece should also be printed but in a lighter tone or neutral color. Go for heeled sandals when paired with pants, or a wedge heel or gladiators when paired with a skirt. See the women below.

bright printerd clothing heeled sandals
Image: Pinterest
bright printerd clothing tied heeled sandals
Image: Pinterest 

  • As a Printed Accessory. 

If you are still apprehensive about mixing prints but want to give it a try, go for a subtle look with the addition of a printed shoe, bag, belt, or even a scarf. Keep the remaining look in the solid shades closest to the color of the print. This will keep your look simple and put all the attention on the printed piece. Take inspiration from the women below.

sammy hayes printed scarf jacket sunglasses

Image: Pinterest @sammy hayes
printed scarf blak jeans t-shirt bag sunglasses

Image: Pinterest

printed leopard flats black pants brown shirt
Image: Pinterest
printed loafers black pants sweater coat bag
Image: Pinterest

Let us now see a few looks that you can try with prints and the right shoe to go with it. 

Fashionable Looks with Prints and The Right Shoes 

  • Animal/Leopard Print with Stripes. 

This is one of the easiest and most classic print pairings to create a chic look. Pair a leopard or animal print skirt with a striped tee and complete the look with sneakers. You can also make the look more appealing with the addition of a third print just like the girl in the image below. See how effortlessly she added the checked blazer and further elaborated the look with a crossbody sling bag. 

Animal Leopard Print skirt striped tee white sneakers
Image: Pinterest
  • Casual Chic with Floral Print and Stripes. 

Get spring ready with this floral print skirt and a striped tee. This casual look delivers a fresh and bright vibe to your spring/summer outfit. Pair a bright floral print skirt with a striped tee and complete the look with flats or heeled sandals as per your comfort. You can also switch the pencil skirt with a flowy or pleated skirt. 

floral print skirt and a striped tee flats
Image: Pinterest
  • Polks Dots with Plaid Print.

One of the chic and elegant looks with prints comes with polka dots and plaids. Count this look as one of the most promising and winning ones in your closet. Pair a polka dot skirt in bold print with a plaid print shirt. You can add a third print with animal print shoes like the girl in the image below. However, you can also go for solid black or navy pump shoes. This look is sure to make you a fashion expert with an elegant and chic closet at your side. 

 polka dot skirt bold print plaid print shirt animal print shoes
Image: Pinterest

Wrapping Up

Mixing prints is fun with so many ideas at your disposal. We hope these looks and tips to combine prints inspired you to give them a try. When mixing two prints, just make sure they are not so similar to each other as to complicate the whole look. Also, keep note of the right materials or fabrics to pair. For the right shoes, always ensure a solid color if you’re unsure of what to go with. To simplify your choice of the right shoes, check out eNibbana and get your whole look together.

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