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Article: Look Gorgeous with These Platform Shoe Ideas

Color platform shoes
70s fashion

Look Gorgeous with These Platform Shoe Ideas

Platform shoes have always been in trend. They returned to modern fashion in the 1930s when Salvatore Ferragamo introduced his rainbow-style cork sandals. 

Bellatory color platform shoe


The 1970s, too, saw a massive trend in platform shoes and heels, with men rocking the high-platform shoes with bell-bottoms and women opting to style them with almost everything from dresses to skirts. Check out the images below for the platform shoes of the 1970s. 
Brown platform shoes

Image: Pinterest

Red high platform shoes
Image: Pinterest @

Platforms are still in trend for 2022. These stylish shoes are rocking the post-lockdown era with celebrities like Megan Fox slaying in platform Jadon boots from Dr. Martens at the 2022 NHL All-Star Game. Ariana Grande’s love for platform heels is something we are not unaware of. She, too, looked cute as she rocked the high-platform heels from the Valentino fall 2022 collection during her R.E.M beauty brand launch at the ‘Ulta Beauty’ stores. Dua Lipa and Beyonce are also spotted styling platform heels at various events. 
Remember when Olivia Rodrigo wore Giuseppe Zanotti heels to an official meeting at the white house. Boy! Don’t tell me you did not fall in love with her style. But why are celebrities falling for the iconic platform heels? Well, the answer is right there. It's iconic; the legendary heels of the 70s, plus they're cute and extremely comfortable for a high heel. 
Well, girls, it's time for you to start rocking the shoe of the decade, and we are here to help you style them with perfection without shelling out thousands of dollars like these celebrities. You have different options, from a chunky loafer style platform to chunky ankle boots and versatile mules. Let us get down to the basics of styling platform shoes to make you look gorgeous without the extra effort. 

Platform Shoe Ideas to Look Gorgeous

Platform shoes are versatile and functional, and come in different heel and platform lengths. Make sure to always go for the length you are comfortable with. Well, we understand how just looking at the shoe sometimes makes us want to buy them without considering the heel or platform length. Trust us, that is something we all do at some point, and it's completely okay if you are confident enough to carry it with ease. On that note, here are some styling tips. 

  • Work The Occasion.

Whether going for a casual look, a formal look, or a party look - match your platform shoes as per the occasion. 

For Casual Outings. 

Chunky ankle boots, flatform sandals, chunky long boots, and even chelsea boots work best for any casual outdoor trip. Just grab a pair of denim jeans or shorts with a tee or a crop top, and you are set to rock the most casual look. You can also pair your chelsea boots or chunky long boots with a midi dress. Use a crossbody sling bag to complete your look. See the girls in the images below rocking the platform shoes, chunky boots, chelsea boots, and flatform sandals. 

chunky white sneakers


chunky ankle boots
Image: Pinterest @
Akira Ikazuchi
platform ankle boots
Image: Pinterest @

flatform white sandals 
Image: Pinterest via @CHYNA

For Formal Events.

Platform loafers and platform mules are great options to pair for a formal event. Match the platform loafers with a pair of jeans or straight pants over a tee or a shirt. Complete the look with your favorite handbag, and you are ready for a formal event or your office on a hot summer day. Layer the tee or shirt with a formal jacket, and a stole to make this look winter season-friendly. This look works for casual occasions too. See the girl in the image below.

woman black loafers shoes

You can also go for jeans or pants with a formal shirt. Check out the girl in the image below. Opt for the blazer if your choice. 

Platform mules are equally stylish to pair for a formal, casual, and party look. Pair them with a business suit, a pencil skirt with a shirt, or straight pants and a top for formal events. They look equally flattering with every outfit. 

platform mules
Image: Pinterest @
leopard platform mules
Image: Pinterest @

For Party Looks. 

Platform heels come to your rescue when you need to be at an informal celebration too. They give you enough height to deliver sheer confidence in any outfit. They are elegant, deliver a sexy vibe, and are yet one of the most trendy pairs of shoes. Just a beautiful dress, a chic clutch, and your most sexy platform heel, and you are all set for an evening of celebration. 

black platform heels
Image: Pinterest

Well, whoever said you cannot wear chunky boots to a party, wasn’t a party person at all. Check out this girl flaunting one of her most sexy looks with a long chunky boot and an evening dress. 

black long chunky boots
Image: Pinterest @
Hạ Băng

  • Experiment With Colors. 

When wearing platform shoes, tan, beige, black, and white colors are our go-to choices and a necessity. We suggest experimenting with different colors too. Go for some unusual and chic colors to make a bold style statement. You can wear platforms that contrast nicely with your ensemble as well as the completely mismatched ones. Well, all you need is the confidence to carry the look. Go for bold colors like red, fuchsia, green, blue, or gold. You can also go for soft colors like pink, sand, or rose. Pair your shoes and heels with jeans, shorts, or a short dress, and finish the look with a cute bag. You can also layer your outfit like the girl in the image below if it's freezing outside.

heeled boots
Image: Pinterest @
combat boots
Image: Pinterest @  Get this look with our ‘Maddy’ combat boots.

You can also pair a chunky bold color shoe like ‘Evi-Ann’ from eNibbana with the dress in the image below and flaunt one of your most cute looks. 

chunky bold color shoe
Image: Pinterest @

When styling a bold or a neon color shoe, many prefer light-colored outfits so that their shoes can capture all the attention. But recent red carpet appearances and outings from celebrities and fashionistas have made it normal to flaunt a monochrome look all over. The below image has Ariana Grande at R.E.M Beauty Launch at Ulta Beauty stores in April 2022. Notice how impressively she has aced the overall monochrome look. 

And, who said men cannot slay the monochrome looks in hot pink. Here is Sebastian Stan slaying in an all-over hot pink Valentino look at the Met Gala 2022. Isn’t he a demigod who can slay a pink outfit despite missing the event theme?  

pink all over

  • Try Different Prints and Patterns. 

It is necessary to have at least one pair of printed platform shoes in your closet. They never get old or boring and make even the simplest outfits stand out. They help you deliver a bold fashion statement in a plain ensemble. Leopard print, zebra print, snake print, abstract print, and even floral prints look extremely cute and bold enough to slay everyday looks. Take style ideas from the girl in the image below.

For any casual event or a celebration, pair a dress with contrasting platform heels and be the best version of yourself, like the girl below.

Get one of the most casual yet chic looks in a denim jacket, a longline bustier, tights, and platform sneakers. Our ‘Tropical Print Sneakers’ is one of the best platform sneakers for this look. 

Tropical Print Sneakers
Image: Pinterest @

Look cool and chic in a short dress layered with a denim jacket, a statement neckpiece, and our printed ‘Festival Broderie’ sneakers.

Festival Broderie sneakers
Image: Pinterest @ 


  • Is your Style Super Comfortable? 

Although platform shoes and heels are super comfortable, if your style is comfortable and casual, here are some more style ideas for you to be the slayer in each one of them.

Distressed jeans with a tank top and high platform sneakers. You can also layer this look with a summer jacket. For winter, replace the top with a cute sweater like the girl in the image below. ‘Run Star Hike’, ‘Bumpp’, and ‘Jump Derby’ sneakers are perfect choices for this look.

black white shoes
Image: Pinterest @

You can make the casual look with platform sneakers even more chic with a long coat or a hat like Kendall Jenner in the images below.

platform sneakersImage: Pinterest

See the magic of summer in breezy outfits. Opt for a white ensemble in floral prints and pair it with platform sandals or espadrille mules like the girl below.

platform sandals

You can also pair a maxi dress with platform sneakers or platform heels. They look cool, are super comfortable, and let you be as free as sunshine. Check out Rihanna in a floral maxi dress and platform sneakers.

red platform snealers
Image: Pinterest @

Here is Julianne Hough in a floral maxi dress with platform heels. Her style is casual and comfortable yet chic. 

platform heels
Image: Pinterest @

Wrapping Up

Platform shoes were the hot favorite amongst disco-goers in the 70s. They still rock the glamour world with a trendy design, a raised heel, and a raised platform. They are iconic and super comfortable from toe to heel. With these styling ideas at your fingertips, you are sure to create some classic yet chic looks that will help you look as cute and glamorous as ever. 

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