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About ATP Atelier

Why we decided to represent ATP Atelier:

Inspiring women to make smart choices - both for themselves and for the sake of the world they live in.

All Tomorrow's Parties is a Swedish brand founded by Jonas Clason and Maj-La Pizzelli in 2011. All products are handmade by craftsmen in Italy. 

ATP ATELIER brings together genuine craftsmanship with a Scandinavian sense of contemporary design and Parisian attitude. But most of all, they make a product of lasting quality in design, materials, and craftsmanship for women all over the world who appreciates slow fashion.

Jonas and Maj-la first met in the late '80s at legendary Swedish fashion brand and retail stores Gul & Blå. Each recognizing in the other a passion for style rather than fashion. They went their separate ways, spending the next two decades learning the business and honing their talents before finally bumping into each other at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place.

Maj-La and Jonas spent a leisurely month in Otranto, Italy with families and friends a few years ago. Walking through the town, they found a small studio making sandals. Everyone got a pair and wore little else for the rest of the summer. And that's what sparked the idea of ATP ATELIER.

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