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Artikel: A Quick Guide to Styling Bright Color Shoes

A Quick Guide to Styling Bright Color Shoes
Bold shoe trends

A Quick Guide to Styling Bright Color Shoes

Many new trends emerged with the rise of Y2K fashion. Neon and bright shade shoes are one of those trends that made it to the headlines in fashion magazines. Shining footwear make for a fun and quirky addition to any ensemble. While neutral tones are versatile and evergreen, bright color shoes can instantly lift an otherwise dull look. 

Celebrities, fashion influencers, and fashionistas love styling vivid footwear with different outfits. Reality TV star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner has a soft spot for shining shoes. Check out Kylie Jenner’s collection from her spring closet. 

rainbow color pumps shoes
Image: Instagram @kyliejenner

Also, the famous American actress Sarah Jessica Parker is a huge fan of vibrant color shoes. Her love for the iconic blue ‘Hangisi’ satin pumps from Manolo Blahnik is widely known in the celebrity fashion community. She is the one who made these blue pumps iconic in 2008 with her movie ‘Sex and the City,’ when Mr. Big proposed to Carry (Parker) with the blue satin pumps in hand. Thirteen years later, she is still in love with these blue Hangisi pumps when she was spotted wearing them while filming “And Just Like That…” in New York City.
Sarah Jessica Parker Carry Parker Sex and the City And Just Like That

Dua Lipa’s obsession with quirky and vibrant shoes is not something we are unaware of. Check out her purple Devon mules from The Attico in the image below. 

Dua Lipa  purple Devon mules The Attico
Image: Instagram @dualipa

Below is her date night look in funky silver cloudbust sneakers from Prada.

Dua Lipa funky silver cloudbust sneakers Prada

Shoes with bright tones have made a strong impact with their different styles, a multitude of shades, and attractive silhouettes that fashion lovers play with them in as quirky and dramatic ways as ever. 

How to Style Bright Color Shoes

Styling them require a bit more thought than styling a versatile pair of neutrals. They give a quick and quirky boost to your style while adding a touch of personality to your overall look. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to create beautiful looks with shining footwear, but it doesn’t have to be tricky if you know what to do and slay the look with confidence. Here are some ways you can try out.

  • Give a Pop of Color to Your Spring-Summer ensembles. 

Spring/summer is the best time to bring out your ensembles and shoes. Vivid models of shoes are the hottest trend in the temperature-raising weather that can lift any of your neutral outfits. 


Take inspiration from Victoria Beckham and style your neon pumps with a simple pair of jeans and a white tee. Throw a pair of shades and a neckpiece to accessorize your subtle yet iconic look. 

Victoria Beckham style neon color pumps pair of jeans
Image: Pinterest @


If you prefer flats over heels for a casual outing, you can go for the below look. Jeans paired with a top are one of the simplest attires you can get your hands on in spring-summer. Take inspiration from the girl in the image below. Notice how her Fuchsia flats add a pop of color to her simple outfit. You can also switch your top with a crop top for an ultra-glam look. 

Fuschia flats color simple outfit
Image: Pinterest @



Lighter tone sneakers are another way to add zing to a simple outfit. Check out the girl in the image below. A chic blue sneaker gave her overall simple look a glamorous change. You can switch the tee with a crop top or a longline bralette top under a summer jacket. 

blue bright color sneakers
Image: Pinterest @


  • Bright Color Shoes for Autumn-Winters. 

Autumn/winter is the time to bring out your fur coats and your luxury boots. Yes! The ever comfy and sexy boots that no girl denies loving. While black, beige, tan, and brown are the evergreen colors of the winters, fashionistas also try a mix of bright tones for an extra dose of chic. And who said winters have to be all blacks and browns? Besides, why not experiment with your style when you can confidently pull off the look. 

Ankle Boots with Dress

Check out how beautifully the girl in the image below adds glamour to her black winter dress with fur boots in sapphire blue. 

black winter dress fur boots sapphire blue color

Knee-Length Boots with a Winter Dress

You can match a midi dress with knee-length boots like the girl in the image below. You can also throw a coat over the dress, depending on your aesthetics. 
midi dress knee-length pink boots

Or you can pair your bright long boots with a contrasting shade of your dress or a shirt with a skirt.
bright color long boots

You can also pair them with a black mini dress under a jacket. 

Pullover with Sneakers

Get the simplest winter looks with leather tights, a white shirt, and a pullover. Adding to the drama are the red sneakers that glamorize the whole look instantly. Check out ‘Run Star Hi Sneaker’ at eNibbana for this subtle winter look.  

bright red sneakers
Image: Pinterest @

Another way to make a style statement in winter with vibrant sneakers is to pair them with jeans, a shirt or a tee, and a long coat or jacket. Take inspiration from the girls in the images below. 

bright color sneakers
Image: Pinterest @

bright color sneakers jeans
Image: Pinterest @

  • Stay Stylish with Bright Platform Shoes. 

One of the trendiest shoes of 2021, platforms are taking on 2022 by the storm. Light tone platforms are a statement-making piece of fashion and can make anyone look glamorous while lifting the overall look. Singers and pop stars like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Beyonce are huge fans of platform shoes in bright tones. Many of Ariana Grande’s hottest looks come accessorized with the bright color platform heels. 

Platform Shoes

Get the boldest yet cutest looks with boyfriend jeans and a bralette top like the girl in the image below. Pair this chic look with chunky platform footwear like ‘Vitello Ankle Boots’ from eNibbana.

chunky platform shoes Vitello Ankle Boots

Platform Heels

Platform heels are a major go-to for parties. But you can also get in them when going out with friends or on a date night if you are comfortable with the look. Get in one of your sexiest dresses and pair it with a vivid tone platform heel. The cute-looking shoe will add a pop of color to any black or a neutral painted dress to make the overall look vibrant and fresh. You can also get a monochrome look with a platform heel and a dress, so chic! Check out different styles with bright color platform heels below.

bright color platform heels
Image: Pinterest @

bright color platform heels
Image: Pinterest @

bright color platform heels
Image: Pinterest 

Wrapping Up

Someone rightly said, “life is too short to wear boring shoes.” So, why not add a touch of spice? They add a joyful element to any look and make it all about you and your individuality. Styling footwear may require a little thought, but we hope these ideas of combinations of unique and cute styling tips will help you easily pull off beautiful looks in every way possible.

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