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Artikel: How to Take Care of Vegan Leather?

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How to Take Care of Vegan Leather?

Made with polyurethane (PU), vegan leather shoes or bags are one of the most special purchases in any wardrobe. Vegan leather, also called faux leather, is more susceptible to stains. If not cared for, it often dries up and cracks over time. Unlike real leather, it requires legitimate care to guarantee an investment that lasts. A well-maintained vegan leather bag or shoe retains its shape for a long time and keeps the material away from dampness, making it swell up and lose its shine over time. This blog gives a detailed overview of how to take care of vegan products to ensure their life for years.

Taking Care of Vegan Leather Before Usage

If you start taking care of, before using it, you can ensure a highly durable piece that lasts a lifetime in your closet. Here are some quick tips for maintaining your most loved piece of fashion.


Always clean your new vegan products before putting anything else on it. Clean it with a dry cloth to get rid of dust and prepare it for conditioning.


Use leather wax or cream, apply it all over the bag or shoe, and leave it for some time to dry. This will add a layer of protection and prevent your products from drying out and wrinkling. It will also look lustrous, clean, fresh, and safe from scratches and scrapes.

Taking Care of Vegan Leather After Usage

After you've started using it, there are many ways to care for vegan products. This will ensure a durable piece of fashion for a long. You must also ask the seller for care instructions as they can significantly help.


Every time you use your products, use a dry cloth to eliminate all the dirt and dust. Once a month, deep clean it with a cleaner suitable for vegan products or a mild laundry detergent. Use a soft silk or cotton cloth and gently apply the mild detergent and water solution all over the leather, no matter what color your products are. Do not apply anything wet to the hardware. Use a soft dry cloth to clean the metal clasps, handles, or chains. 


Conditioning is a great way to keep the products in good shape for decades. It acts as a protective layer against dryness that leads to cracking and wrinkling. Conditioning also protects against sunlight. Start with leather cream or wax and apply it all over the bag or shoe. You can also use mink or neatsfoot oil. Leave the conditioner for 10 minutes and clean all the residue. Later, leave it to dry on its own, and your vegan products will be as fresh as new. Repeat this conditioning process once a month and see your investment last much longer. 

Cleaning for Stains 

It is quite natural for things to get stained. Some stains might be difficult to clean. Here are some quick tips for different types of stains. 


It is pretty challenging to clean the ink stain completely. However, you can give it a try with this solution. Mix one part of detergent with one part of rubbing alcohol and gently apply this liquid solution to the stain using a soft cloth. Blot the stain with a dry cloth, as rubbing might destroy the leather fibers. Repeat this step several times until the stain goes away. You can also try lightly brushing the stain with the same solution until the stain fades. Next, let it dry for some time. You can also reach out to the store for guidance on ink removal. 


Rub the spot with cornstarch and wait for 2 minutes for the cornstarch to absorb the oil or grease from the leather. Next, rub the stain gently, and it will come off easily. Clean the bag or shoe with mild detergent and water solution and condition it as always. You can also use a petroleum solvent or mineral spirits to remove grease or oil stains. 


Food stains are easy to clean. Just clean with a mild detergent and water solution and let it dry for some time. You can also clean it with a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. Blot the stain and air dry it. If you notice some ring-like spots after it dries, these might be the residue from the detergent solution. Clean it with water and dry it again. Condition it like always for a smoother look.


Wrapping Up

Vegan leather is one of our most loved and high-priced purchases. Caring for it is something all of us love to indulge in. Test these quick tips from eNibbana, and take care of your pricey purchase, and they will last a lifetime in your closet.

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