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Artikel: How to Wear Your Sneakers with Style

How to Wear Your Sneakers with Style

How to Wear Your Sneakers with Style

Once an understated fashion, sneakers became a signature style of almost every fashionista for effortless street-style fashion. And why not? Sneakers are highly functional and super comfortable, and if styled correctly, they can take any outfit from simple to stunning. They were once worn only as an athletic shoes but soon transcended to being a street style fashion and were later seen in chic runway styles. Sneakers were so loved that they also became regular at the workplace. Still, some women find it difficult to create chic and comfortable looks with this wardrobe essential. Through this blog, we will take you through some easy and stylish looks you can create with sneakers to flaunt a confident, cute, and fashionable ‘YOU.’ We will also list out some stylish picks to ease your journey of sneaker styling.

Ways to Wear Your Sneakers in Style

Sneakers come in different styles, colors, materials, models, and patterns that you will find it easy to pair them with most of your outfits. In fact, you can now get them in different heels and with a chunky platform to give you an even more fashionable and edgier look. As seen on the runways and in street-style fashion, sneakers can be styled with every casual outfit from a maxi dress to a short skirt and jeans. Let’s go through some of the stylish and sexy ways to style sneakers for women.

  • With Midi Dresses

One of the most stylish, elegant, and feminine ways to style sneakers is with a midi dress. This look works with any length of the midi dress. The trick is to balance the outfit with shoes. If you are wearing a printed midi dress, go for plain white sneakers, and if you wear a plain white dress, you can go for any color, including white. You can also go for a chunky platform sneaker to make the look edgier. Check out some stylish ways to style women sneakers with midi dresses below. 

Floral midi dress sunglasses white sneakers
Image: Pinterest @charmedbycamille.com
brown midi dress sunglasses black bag white sneakers
Image: Pinterest @ferbena.com
floral midi dress adidas sneakers
Image: Pinterest @whowhatwear.co.uk


Here are some chic and comfortable women sneakers you can include in your wardrobe to create fashionable looks with a midi dress.

last sprint chunky sneakers
converse run star hike hi sneakers
  • With a Sweater Dress

Fall and winters are more stylish with a sweater dress and sneakers. You will look as chic as ever with a short or a midi sweater dress layered with a cool sneakers. Try maintaining a balance between the dress and the sneaker by matching different tones of the same color. You can also wear socks with footwear for chilly outdoors. Adding a scarf or a jacket gives an edgy twist to the overall look. Take inspiration from the images below. 

grey sweater dress scarf bag sunglasses white sneakers
Image: Pinterest @

pink sweater dress denim jacket black bag white adidas sneakers
Image: Pinterest @flauntandcenter.com
black sweater dress scarf bag white sneakers
Image: Pinterest @prettydesigns.com
  • With Oversized Pants/Baggy Jeans. 

The combination of a sneaker with baggy jeans or oversized pants might not appear overly unique but is definitely trendy for today’s style. This look is extremely comfortable to carry, versatile, and makes women look classy with minimal effort. Balance the outfit with a slimmer or a cropped top, and you are sure to slay with this street style on every outing. You can also layer the look with a baggy coat or puffer jacket for that chic style. Go for a bright-colored sneaker if your look is monochromatic or combines a simple white tee with denim. Take cues from the girls below. 

oversized denim jeans sweater white sneakers
Image: Pinterest @

black oversized pants t-shirt sneakers
Image: Pinterest @wattpad.com
black oversized pants t-shirt jacket sneakers
Image: Pinterest @wattpad.com
two girls blue oversized jeans bee sneakers white t-shirts
Image: Instagram @tkempss

Check out some comfortable and chic women sneakers at eNibbana that match perfectly well with oversized pants and baggy jeans. 

voile blanche maran fur sneakers
Run Star Hike OX Sneakers

  • With Sweatpants and Loungewear. 

It would not be wrong to say that sweatpants have actually become one of the most worn chic styles for women at different casual outings. And why not? Because of its comfortable design and fashionable style, more and more people are opting for this street-style fashion for everyday styling. Trainers with sweatpants are one of the comfiest and most relaxed yet chic styles you can create. Layer the look with a plaid shirt for spring/summer and a sweatshirt and a long coat or a puffer jacket for colder months. Draw inspiration from the images below. 

Sweatpants Loungewear white sneakers
Image: Pinterest @dailymail.co.uk
white Sweatpants Loungewear white sneakers
Image: Pinterest @whowhatwear.com
grey Sweatpants Loungewear white sneakers 
Image: Pinterest @zimbio.com

  • With Cute Shorts. 

Ditch the denim and get into linen or cotton shorts, and even biker shorts for that chic street-style fashion with sneakers. This look is super comfortable and stylish without letting women off the fashion grounds or chic trends. Find a pair of mini solid-colored shorts, pair it with a simple white tee, layer the look with a jacket, and complete with a chunky platform sneaker. You can also opt for a heeled wedge sneaker for that extra height. Take style tips from the girls below. 

cute shorts white jacket white sneakers
Image: Pinterest @lastnightslook.com
cute shorts brown bag
Image: Pinterest @michelletomczak.com

Wrapping Up

From Dua lipa and Hailey Bieber to Kylie Jenner, every celebrity is a fan of comfy and fashionable sneakers for casual looks. You too can rock sneakers, if you know how to style them with perfection, without going the extra mile. Take ideas from the looks above and create your own chic sneaker looks. Once you get the trick of styling sneakers, you can never stay away from them for every casual look. Check out some cool, stylish, and extremely comfortable women sneakers at eNibbana and get into the sneaker zone.


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