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Artikel: Top Trends in Women's Sneakers - Winter 2022/2023

White sneakers with red pants

Top Trends in Women's Sneakers - Winter 2022/2023

Sneakers are more than just a fashionable part of your workout gear. They're a lifestyle when you wear them. If you're on the hunt for the biggest trends in women's sneakers styles, then you've come to the right place. Here are our top picks for the best trends for winter 2022/2023.

White Is Back

While pastel colors have dominated the sneaker scene for years, white sneakers, in every shade from pastel to classic white, are making a comeback. Even big names like Balmain and Dior have dropped hints about white sneakers. Some of the best shoe designers, like Saint Laurent, have also turned their attention to the white sneaker, as have a variety of indie designers. 


We're seeing white sneakers on the courts and on the streets, it seems.




 Bold Patterns And Block Colors Are Dominating

For a long time, sneaker patterns and colors have mostly stuck to the neutral brown, green, and white tones. Those three dominating tones account for almost 90% of all sneaker patterns and colors we've seen over the years. However, that's all beginning to change. As we've seen with the growth of athleisure wear, people are seeking shoes that match their active lifestyle. More and more designers are paying attention to the trend and bringing it to their shoes. The industry is responding and so are we. 


Image: Pinterest @pragmastore01


We're seeing bold patterns and block colors take over the scene. Whether it's the neon sign print or the tropical fruit motif, these vibrant tones add a splash of color to your daily routine. We're particularly fond of the neon sign print and are seeing it on everything from sneakers to swimsuits to dresses. While patterns offer a fun and vibrant look that's always a good look, we're also seeing colors reign supreme. This is great news if you're looking for a pop of color in your wardrobe. We're seeing vibrant colors on everything from nails to lip gloss to workout wear. Whether or not you partake in the active lifestyle, it's always good to have some vibrant hues in your closet. 




Technology Is Changing Everything

In the past, sneakers were pretty much like clotheshorses. The sneaker industry was so small that most people didn't even need to think about how they matched up with their outfits. Nowadays, the industry is so big that even the smallest details, like the laces, are carefully thought out to maximize fit and comfort. 


Image: Pinteres @ChicMeOfficial


Technology has also changed the way we buy sneakers. In the past, we'd go into a sports shop, try on a few pairs of sneakers, and then pick one that fits. Now, with online stores like eNibbana, we can connect with designer brands and find the perfect pair of shoes without ever setting foot in a shop. If you're on the hunt for the biggest trends in women's sneaker styles, then you've come to the right place - eNibbana


Wrapping Up

With some of these trends, particularly the white sneaker trend, it seems that sporty and fashionable are not mutually exclusive.

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