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About Flattered

Why we decided to represent Flattered: 

Flattered creates authentic and exclusive shoes for every season, that hold a unique place in the Flattered universe. All Flattered shoes are designed in Stockholm and handmade in Spain.

Flattered is a flirtation between Scandinavian simplicity and Southern European sensuality. With a Scandinavian heritage at the core of the brand, Flattered introduces a blend of classic, playful, and experimental designs, and yet introducing modern forms, shapes, and materials with each collection. Driven by details, and effortless approach to daily wear.

The name Flattered derives from the brand's original signature collection of flat ballet slippers, first launched in 2013 in the heart of Stockholm. Since then, Flattered grew organically and creatively to develop a full range of handmade footwear as a result of customer demand and desire to take our indoor shoes outdoors.

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