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Article: Style Guide: 10 Ways to Pair Your Cowboy Boots This Summer (2023)

Style Guide: 10 Ways to Pair Your Cowboy Boots This Summer (2023)

Style Guide: 10 Ways to Pair Your Cowboy Boots This Summer (2023)

Cowboy boots are so chic and comfortable that they are still trending for 2023. Coachella 23’, Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, and Beyonce’s Renaissance tour gave us full fledged vibes of this cowgirl aesthetic. 

These western-inspired boots are riding high on fashion charts for quite some time now. Brands like Chloé, Molly Goddard, A.W.A.K.E. MODE, Ganni had cowboy boots for spring/summer 23’ shows. 

Ganni for Spring/Summer 2023’

Molly Goddard for Spring/Summer 2023

Earlier, cowboy boots had colors like browns, blacks, and beiges reserved, but now, with people ready to experiment with their style and designers giving them a full-fledged fashion status, they come in pinks, oranges, whites, and heck, even green colors. Cowboy boots are an year-round wardrobe staple that work with almost every outfit. Here are 10 ways you can pair them this summer. But before that, here are some things to avoid when styling cowboy boots. To know how cowboy boots have fared in the trends chart for so long, read our blog on ‘Summer Fashion Statement: How to Style Cowboy Boots.’

Some Things to Avoid When Styling Cowboy Boots

There are certain things you should avoid when styling cowboy boots. 

  • Never Go for Cowboy Theme unless it’s a Costume Party. 

If you're thinking of rocking cowboy boots, remember not to go all-out cowboy themed. You're not dressing up for a costume party; instead, you want to keep it stylish and elegant. So, skip the checkered tops, fringe, and super short denims all-together to avoid looking like the female version Shriff Woody.

  • Avoid Over Accessorizing.

Going overboard with the accessories can take spotlight off your cowboy boots. Keep your accessories to a minimum to let your boots be the centre-piece of your outfit. 

  • Do not Go Overboard with the Outfit.

Keep in mind that cowboy boots make a statement on their own, so try not to pair them with a loud or busy outfit. Keep the rest of your look simple and let the boots take the spotlight!

  • Don’t be Afraid to Experiment.

While there are some familiar looks you can create with cowboy boots every season, trying something new and different could be your chance to grab the limelight and who knows, may be you could end up creating something equally stylish and trendy. 

10 Ways to Pair Cowboy Boots in 2023

Cowboy boots became a must-have accessory since making a dramatic comeback a few years ago. From being super comfortable to being extremely chic and functional, cowboy boots are here to stay. Here are 10 chic and modern ways to rock these boots so that you strut the streets with confidence and panache. The boots in this blog are from Bukela, a Danish shoe brand that believes in subtlety, functionality, and trendy designs made with attention to intricate details. 

  • ‘Brooke’ Bukela Cowboy Boots with Denim Maxi Skirt


Rock your calf-length cowboy boots this summer with a chic denim maxi skirt and a crop top. Make sure the skirt has a slit, better if it’s thigh-high. Complement the outfit with a chic belt to stay cool and fashionable while delivering a beautiful silhouette to your waistline. You can also layer the look with a bomber jacket if you live in unpredictable weather conditions. Stay confident while embracing the effortless wild west vibes this season. Yee-haw!

Image: Pinterest @CG

  • Bukela Cowboy Boots with a Shirt Dress


Get that perfect blend of rustic charm and modern flair by teaming calf-length cowboy boots with a chic shirt dress. Define your waist with a statement belt, and complete the look with a super functional handbag or sling bag. You can keep your hair tied in a bun for that comfy summer feel just like the girl in the image below. Try this look and you'll feel confident and ready to conquer any adventure in style. 

Image: Pinterest @Karla Jordan

  • ‘Adele’ Bukela Cowboy Boots with Animal Print Midi Dress


That’s right! Animal Print is still in fashion for 2023, which is why you can create chic looks them without a doubt. Pair your super chic and functional low cowboy boots with an eye-catching animal print midi dress. Add a touch of practicality with a mini handbag, and be prepared for unpredictable weather by layering the look with a stylish coat. Embrace your inner fashionista and slay the day with confidence. Take style cues from the girl below.

Image: Pinterest

  • With Shorts and a Blouse for a Chic Street Style

Create an ever-fashionable street style by teaming cowboy boots with cool denim shorts and a breezy blouse. Stay prepared for any weather twists with a trendy coat layered over the ensemble. Complete this western-inspired look with a functional handbag and a stylish hat. Stay on the comfortable side of fashion and rock that effortless, boho cowgirl vibe! Take style inspiration from the girl below.

Image: Pinterest @LTK

  • With a Fashionable Short Dress

Step up your style game with knee-length cowboy boots paired with a short dress for a chic and versatile look that nails both casual occasions and regular outings. Add statement earrings and carry an elegant handbag for a style that stands out. The boots add a touch of rustic charm to any outfit, while the short dress keeps it elegant and sweet at the same time. Rock this look with élan! Take style cues from the girl below.

Image: Pinterest

  • With a Shimmery Fringe Dress

Get the cowgirl vibes while keeping it trendy and fashionable! Be in one of your most fashionable looks with knee-length cowboy boots teamed up with a short fringe dress. This look is perfect for a chic style that suits rock concerts, festive occasions, and formal evening dinners alike. Avoid accessorizing at most, keeping in mind the shimmery fringes. Unleash your inner fashion diva with a chic look like the one below and make heads turn at special events. 

Image: Pinterest

  • ‘Marian’ Bukela Cowboy Boots with Flowy Maxi Dress


Rock the boho-chic look by pairing low cowboy boots like ‘Marian’ with a flowy maxi dress, radiating rustic and carefree vibes. Elevate the style with a trendy hat and a statement necklace for that extra flair. This ensemble is a perfect match for any girl who embraces freedom, individuality, and exudes confidence effortlessly. Embrace your unique spirit like the girl in the image below. Notice how the thigh-high cut elevates the style while the low neckline embraces feminism. 

Image: Pinterest @West Boutique

  • Bukela Cowboy Boots with Jeans


Embrace a perfect blend of comfort and style by pairing cowboy boots with jeans and a trendy crop top or a blouse. This look is too underrated but still super comfortable. Elevate with a chic bright-colored blazer for added sophistication and to tackle sudden weather changes. Ideal for any girl who values comfort and stays effortlessly on-trend with a touch of Western charm. Take style ideas from the girls below.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest


  • ‘Etna’ Bukela Cowboy Boots with Leather Shorts 


Channel that edgy yet laid-back vibe by pairing cowboy boots with leather shorts and a crop top or a graphic tee. Amp up the look with a statement belt and stylish earrings. The tote bag adds a touch of elegance and modern to this chic and comfortable ensemble, perfect for any girl with a unique and effortless style. 

Image: Pinterest @Shirley Alarcón

  • With a Silk Dress

Keep it super simple yet amazingly stylish with a silk dress and cowboy boots just like Kendall Jenner in the image below. Elevate your fashion game by pairing cowboy boots with a luxurious silk dress. Accentuate the look with a statement tote bag that complements the elegance. The slip dress without any accessory helps keep the attention on the chic cowboy boots, showcasing their western charm and making a bold, fashion-forward statement.

Image: Pinterest