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BUKELA Women's Shoes

Not your ordinary brand! Bukela is a Danish label established in 2014 by a Danish family after getting more than 40 years of experience in designing and making luxurious shoes for women. It was founded on a journey of establishing a footwear brand that not only manufactures authentic high-quality footwear but also makes them available at affordable prices to women across the world. They believe in being a socially responsible brand which is why their artisans and craftsmen work in healthy and respectful conditions.

Creative thinking of like minds, research, and critical attention to customer needs, is making everything new and unique possible at Bukela.

Simple But Exclusive Styles

Bukela believes in creating footwear with simplistic yet trendy designs while sincerely paying attention to every small detail. The selection of authentic high-quality material along with precision cuts, and detailed shapes are at the core of designing every piece of shoe. They focus on creating a unique collection every time that is high on fashion, trend, luxury, and style but low on pricing. By utilizing the talent of skillful artisans along with the thought-out designs of ‘Birthe Didriksen’ and ‘Nick Nielsen SØgaard,’ Bukela comes up with footwear styles that not only look good but feel special too.

Variety of Designs and Colors

Bukela brings a collection that is unmatched by the likes of any other brand in style, trends, and customer preferences. You can choose from a wide selection of designer boots, western ankle boots, sandals, pumps, high heels, and sneakers in authentic leather and other quality material. Bukela is known for its use of warm colors like sand, taupe, and cactus to showcase the simple yet contemporary designs in combat boots, Chelsea boots, and sandals. Delivering confidence to women since 2014, Bukela now stands at the pinnacle of delivering refined and classic styles across the world.

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