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Artikel: 10 Stunning Looks With Western boots and Dresses

Midi Sweater Dress Boots enibbana

10 Stunning Looks With Western boots and Dresses

Transitioning from winters to spring calls for a change of wardrobe. But, western boots are a wardrobe staple that stays in trend all year round. They come in all styles, lengths, different heel types, materials, and embellishments, from ankle boots to combat boots. The different length of boots makes them a perfect option to style with dresses, jeans, and even formal wear. 

A woman’s love for western boots is never-ending. You might have a matching pair for every dress, still, you manage to make room for more. We get you, girls! 

Western boots deserve a spot in every closet for being the most versatile and fashionable shoes to wear in every season. You can never go wrong when styling western boots with dresses. While 2021 was trending bang-on for western boots, 2022 promises to keep them trending even more so. Through this blog, we will discover 10 amazing looks you can style with dresses and western boots. But before that, here is a quick guide on different styles of western boots. 

Different Styles of Western Boots

The ones that generally end at the ankles or a little above or below are ankle boots. They come in different heel types like a stiletto heel, high block heel, low block heel, kitten heel, and more. Being versatile enough, ankle boots are great to wear with jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses. 

ankle boots enibbana Ivylee Copenhagen mimi

Check out this ‘Mimi’ ankle boot from ‘Ivylee Copenhagen’ at eNibbana

Although Queen Victoria's shoemaker first introduced them, Chelsea boots gained popularity when the English rock band 'The Beatles' wore them to their concerts. You can easily figure out Chelsea boots with elastic sides and leather material. Chelsea boots are termed as one of the most comfortable ones as your feet can sit comfortably in them for hours. They come in different heel types, but generally, they are flat-heeled with a chunky platform. Their different lengths make them a perfect pair of boots to style with everything casual. 

chelsea boots Curv-Y Bronx eNibbana


Originally made for the military, combat boots became a trend-setter for every fashionable wardrobe. They are generally mid-calf and designed with laces on the front from the shoe upper to the shaft end. Mostly, combat boots have a chunky platform to protect your foot on the hardest of terrains and, at the same time, give you confident looks with their design. They work best with biker jackets, dresses, tights, and skinny jeans. 

Maddy combat boots Bukela eNibbana

Check out the ever-stylish ‘Maddy’ combat boots from Bukela at eNibbana

As the name says, mid-calf boots end around your calves or anywhere below the knees and above the ankles. They too, come in all heel types. They can either have a chunky platform for a chic look or a sleek platform for a more feminine look. These stylish boots can either be in leather, suede, or textile material. Mid-calf boots are pretty trendy and an elite possession in a woman’s wardrobe. 

Rosso velour boots Apair eNibbanaSHOP THIS PAIR >

Besides keeping your legs warm in winters, knee-high boots raise your sex appeal and make you look svelte and classy. If you know the right technique to style them, your look will always be the one to deserve all the attention. They work well with skirts, dresses, or skinny jeans and come in different types of heels. 

Izumi Knee-high boots Akaada eNibbana


There are many other styles of western boots like cowgirl boots, platform boots, hiking boots, and more that help you sweep the fashion round. While you can wear western boots with casual and formal wear, this blog focuses on different looks you should definitely try with dresses and western boots. 

10 Stunning Looks with Western Boots and Dresses

  • Mini Bodycon Dress with Western Boots. 

Short dresses leave a lot of room to try different styles of boots. Many women like to style knee-length or thigh-length boots with a bodycon mini dress, but it’s all about creativity and confidence. You can also pair chelsea boots and even ankle boots with a mini dress. 

Take inspiration from the girl in the picture below and pair a mini dress with thigh-high boots. Simple, classy, and sexy, match this look with a sling bag. You can also throw a long coat or a jacket over the dress if it's chilly outside, like in the second picture. The ‘Yoshi’ thigh-high boot from Akaada works best for this look. 

Mini Bodycon Dress Western Boots

Mini Bodycon Dress Western Boots

  • Midi Bodycon Dress with Boots. 

A midi bodycon dress looks sensual and flattering while giving you a beautiful silhouette. It lets you embrace each of your beautiful curves and gives you many reasons to always stay fashionable. You can style a midi bodycon dress with different styles of boots. 

Here is your #InspoOfTheDay to style a midi bodycon dress with boots. 

Midi Bodycon Dress Boots

Pair your midi bodycon dress with chelsea boots and a simple neckpiece to get a sexy and chic look. Throw a jacket over it if it's chilly outdoors, but do not put on the jacket sleeves for a flattering style. eNibbana has many options in chelsea boots to get the best look for every dress. 

You can also wear a midi bodycon dress with ankle boots like in the picture below. To make this look more rugged, style it with a low chelsea boot and to make it more feminine, pair it with a heeled ankle boot. 

Midi Bodycon Dress Boots
  • Ruffle Dress with Boots.

A ruffle dress looks cute, stylish, and dramatic all at the same time. You have the different options to pair your ever-beautiful ruffle dress with ankle boots, knee-high boots, or thigh-high boots. To get the below look, pair your dress with a knee-high boot and a pretty clutch. Leave your hair untied or tie them up in a cute ponytail.

Ruffle Dress Boots

You can also style a ruffle dress with ankle boots like the girl in the picture below. Simple and beautiful, this monochrome summery dress scores the most points on a hot day. Our ‘Adele’ ankle boots are a great match for this look. 

ruffle dress boots enibbana
  • Maxi Dresses with Boots. 

Maxi dresses are always trendy regardless of the season. Every woman has at least one pair of maxi dress in her closet. Ooh! Who am I kidding? We have a lot more. Given its effortless wear and breezy design, anyone can feel extremely comfortable in a maxi dress. They can be styled with almost every type of boot. Here are a few style guides for boots with maxi dresses.

Ankle boots are great to style with maxi dresses. In fact, an ankle boot with a midi dress is one of the go-to options for formal wear. Style your maxi dress with a contrasting ankle boot and throw a crossbody sling bag as a statement piece, like the girl in the picture below.

dress ankle boots

Styling a slim sweater maxi dress with an ankle boot is even more fashionable for winters. See the girl in the picture below. This look is simple and elegant, with a penchant for winter-friendly styling. 

dress ankle boots bag enibbana

If you want to avoid the heels completely, go for sneakers. They are another hit with maxi dresses and are super comfortable for the whole day. You can either use the handbag like the girl in the picture below or a crossbody sling bag for a different chic look.

dress ankle boots bag flowers enibbana

Maxi dresses balance well with high boots considering the dress has a high slit. Style the dress the same way you would with ankle boots. Notice how both the models in the pictures below have added a statement belt for a slimmer look. However, you can throw a leather or denim jacket over the dress for the winter.

maxi dress ankle boots bag enibbana 

maxi dress ankle boots

  • Shirt Dress with Boots. 

A shirt dress with thigh-high boots is a ‘dress to impress’ ensemble. However, if you feel like showing your legs more, go for an ankle boot or a chelsea boot. The lugged sole boots too are a fad with a shirt dress as they give you an edgy style while delivering all the confidence you need. 

Style a shirt dress with high boots like the girl in the picture below. Make it more expressive with a belt accentuating your beautiful contours in a pretty silhouette. Add a statement watch and accessorize it further with a sling bag.

shirt dress boots

You can also pair your shirt dress with tights and ankle boots over them. Again, add a belt to accentuate the curves and give it a chic look. Just unbutton the shirt from below so that the tights are visible and throw a sling bag to complete the look. 

shirt dress boots bag
  • Mini Sweater Dress with Boots. 

Winters are incomplete without a sweater dress. They make you look fashionable and bold while also giving you winter warmth. Style your sweater dress with knee-high boots in leather or suede. Complete the look with a sling bag like the girl in the picture below. 

Mini Sweater Dress Boots enibbana

Like the girl below, you can also add a statement muffler to your sweater dress.  

Mini Sweater Dress Boots enibbana
  • Midi Sweater Dress with Boots. 

Style your midi sweater dress with an ankle boot for a feminine and confident look. To get a more bold look, pair your midi dress with a knee-high boot. See the pictures below. 

Midi Sweater Dress Boots enibbana
Midi Sweater Dress Boots

Wrapping Up

Dresses are a great ensemble to pair with boots. They are so classic and versatile you can even style them with sandals, pumps, mules, and flats. Boots with dresses are a fierce combination that uplifts your confidence and works for almost every body type. We hope these stunning looks with western boots and dresses inspire you to style your next outfit. eNibbana brings an authentic collection of western boots ranging from ankle boots, combat boots, chelsea boots, sneakers, cowboy boots, and more, available in varied shapes and colors. Visit eNibbana for amazing offers on shoes, bags, accessories, and more.

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