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Artikel: Five Jaw-Dropping Outfit Ideas with Combat Boots

combat boots shorts
Bold looks

Five Jaw-Dropping Outfit Ideas with Combat Boots

Originally made for the military, combat boots have been rocking the casual fashion scene since the early 60s. They are worn the world over by the fashion crowd. They are immensely comfortable, optimally functional throughout the year, and classic yet modern. Combat boots work exceptionally to boost your confidence and leave a remarkable appeal. 

Are Combat Boots Still in Trend?

Combat boots are never out of fashion which is why fashion designers have pushed them to the top of the trending list of 2022 for being one of the most fashionable boots. Fashion mavericks all over Instagram are giving a new life to the classic boots and flaunting a plethora of styling options that go beyond conventional aesthetics. Through this blog, we will list out a few jaw-dropping outfit ideas with combat boots to give you that edgy and bold look while balancing your femininity.

Some Style Tips 

Before we dive into the latest styling trends with combat boots, here are some tips.

  • Always keep experimenting with your looks. What works for others might not work for you, and vice-versa. You can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want unless and until you love yourself in the final look.
  • Your confidence to carry the outfit matters the most. Even a simple outfit can work wonders for you if you have the right confidence to carry it. 
  • Always be yourself. Never try to change yourself with the trends or fashion. If you feel happy and comfortable with your looks, flaunt them with the right attitude as if you were born to be this way.

Outfit Ideas with Combat Boots for Women

  • Forever Trendy: Combat Boots and Jeans

Jeans is a minimalist yet chic and comfortable outfit to style with combat boots. They look extremely fashionable with every type of jeans, be it skinny, wide-legged, high-rise, or cropped. 

  • A cropped skinny jeans looks enthralling and voguish with combat boots. Leave a small gap in between the boots and the end of the jeans to further accentuate your overall look. Complete the outfit with a tucked-in tee or a bodysuit and layer it with a coat and a crossbody bag. See the pictures below.
combat boots jeans

Image: Pinterest via @Fashion Jackson

    Combat boots jeans

    Image: Pinterest 

    • Mom jeans is yet another trendy option to pair combat boots. Cuff the jeans from the bottom to the length that your boots are completely visible. Pair it with a cropped top or sweater and finish the look with a necklace and a crossbody bag, like the girls below.
    jeans combat boots

    Image: Pinterest via @𝑀𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑒𝑛

    jeans combat boots bag
    Image: Pinterest via @ Kris

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    • Combat Boots with Dresses: Elegant and Sexy

    Elegant and sexy is the right word for styling dresses with combat boots. 

    • A figure-hugging midi dress with lace-up combat boots looks as stylish and sophisticated as it feels comfortable. This look works well for casual as well as formal occasions. See the image below.
    dress bag combat boots
    Image: Pinterest via @
    • You can also go for a more girly look with a frilly dress and a sling bag like the girl in the image below. You can ditch the heels with flat boots.
    short dress bag combat boots
    Image: Pinterest via @purewow.com

    • Keep the vogue and femininity in check with a floral maxi dress in a thigh-high cut. Pair it with a cute slingback that further accentuates the outfit. 
    dress bag combat boots smile
    Image: Pinterest via @Larasrezende

    • Shorts and Boots: The Perfect Match

    Shorts with boots is one of the most loved casual outfits. Every girl swears by this look and wears it more often than not. Shorts keep the confidence, attitude, fashion, and punk vibes in check. Here are a few outfit ideas. 

    • Pair denim shorts with a simple white tee and throw a cardigan or a shirt over it for an effortlessly cool look. You can also ditch the tee for a lace bustier to give it a sexy look. 
    shorts bag combat boots x3

    • For winters, pair the shorts with tights. This casual combination too looks wonderfully exquisite while giving you a sleek and beautiful silhouette. Throw a leather jacket or a trench coat over it to create the seasonal look. 
    shorts bag combat boots
    Image: Pinterest @

    • Combat Boots with Skirts: The Trendy Combination

    Midi, mini, denim, or leather, every type of skirt looks chic with combat boots. 

    • Mini skirts look cute with knee-length boots or ankle-length boots with socks. Mix ‘n’ match with a longline bustier, a crop top, or a tank top, and throw a short leather or a denim jacket to complete the look. 
    short skirt combat boots

    Image: Pinterest via @franciele oliveira

    • Choose a midi skirt with a thigh-high slit to get a sensuous look that also checks the sexy vibe. The midi skirt without the slit looks like an all-time classic and works as formal wear too. Pair the skirt with a button-down shirt, or an off-shoulder crop top and complete the look with a crossbody bag. You can simultaneously create these looks with a pleated midi skirt.
    long skirt combat boots
    Image: Pinterest via @
    • A leather skirt is the classic staple every girl should have in her closet. A tucked-in tee, a turtle neck top or sweater, or a button-down shirt looks edgy and bold with a leather skirt. A pencil skirt in leather also passes the right vibe when paired with a pussy-bow shirt. You can carry this look to your work as well. Check out how the thigh-high slit is checking the right box of sexy and elegant in the look below. 

    shirt skirt combat boots
    Image: Pinterest via@

    • Combat Boots with Leggings: The Cool Girl Combination

    Leggings are yet another staple that needs to be in every girl’s wardrobe. They pass the cool-girl vibe and work all year round. The rule of the thumb is to pair your low-heeled ankle boots with a short blouse or sweater and a high-heeled(3 inches and above) boot with a long top. But, if your style says otherwise and you feel sexy and confident in your style, go ahead and flaunt it like a queen. For winters, pair your leather leggings with a cute sweater or a tank top under a coat or a jacket. There are two ways to wear long-length leggings. Either cuff them from the bottom and let a little skin show in between your boots and leggings or let them go inside the long-shaft boots.

    black leggings combat boots
    Image: Pinterest
    black leggings combat boots
    Kaia Gerber in Leggings and Combat Boots 

    Final Words 

    Combat Boots are an essential staple in your closet that pairs with many casual outfits and never go out of fashion. They look cool, fun, and give you a bold look without stripping you off your feminine looks. They are highly comfortable and last a lifetime. eNibbana has a wide range of boots in different shapes, colors, and heel types. Find a pair that goes best with your style, show off all the unique looks, and be the fashion queen you are.

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