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Artikel: 10 Trendy Outfit Ideas to Try with High Boots from Bronx Shoes

10 Trendy Outfit Ideas to Try with High Boots from Bronx Shoes

10 Trendy Outfit Ideas to Try with High Boots from Bronx Shoes

Knee-high boots are riding high on shoe trends for 2023. Spring/summer ‘23 saw a continuation of knee-high boots from the last year. Remember Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s lace-up knee-high boots, Jill Sander’s flat Chelsea boots, or Sportmax’s high satin boots at the spring/summer 2023 fashion shows. As seen at Prabal Gurung, Dion Lee, Jonathon Simkhai, Proenza Schouler, and Michael Kors, high boots will continue to rule the trends for fall/winter 2023. 

High boots remain in trends with an evolved twist each year because of their versatility to style with different outfits. Earlier, high boots were all the glory only during fall/winter. But now, they have become a fashion staple all year round. Chunky chelsea boots, statement knee-high boots, and biker boots are now a key element in every fashionista’s summer wardrobe. 

Looking at FW ‘23 styles, this year’s twist in high boots came with square toes, mid-high heels, and slim heels. But, every ‘woman’ next door still prefers a much comfier and practical version with a chunky platform and a comfortable fit. So, if you're looking to up your fashion game this year, high boots are, without a doubt, the way to go. This blog gives you a perfect start to your high boots journey with 10 trendy outfit ideas you can try with these chic boots. The high boots in this blog are from Bronx shoes, a brand that delivers luxury footwear for women across the world without leaving any carbon footprints on the environment. 

Trendy Outfit Ideas with High Boots - Bronx Shoes

High boots not only add a touch of glamour to an outfit, but the ones with a chunky platform also keep you comfortable throughout. Today’s super chic high boots are practical all year round and match with a majority of outfits in your wardrobe. The key to wearing high boots is to feel comfortable and confident with the combination of the right shoe with the right outfit. Here are 10 trendy outfit ideas that you can try with your high boots to get a good start.

  • Summer Fun with a Midi Dress and New Cole High Boots


Create a fun and stylish look for the summer with a flowy midi dress and high boots like the one above. You can avoid prints and opt for a simple dress to make your boots a standout piece in your overall look. You can also accentuate your look with a statement belt over the dress. Take style inspiration from the girls below. 

Image: Pinterest @gingeraardbei.nl

Image: Pinterest @girlsharestips.com
  • Slay in a Shirt Dress and New Kole High Boots


A shirt dress with high boots delivers all the sensual vibes on any given day. Make sure the dress you pick falls just above the knee or at the mid-thigh to give a perfect look of the shoe while providing just enough coverage. You can add a belt to add some structure to the shirt dress and accentuate your waistline. You can add some dimension to your outfit by layering a denim jacket, a leather jacket, or a sweater over the dress. This will also help balance out the look if you have opted for a shorter shirt dress. Take style inspiration from the girls below. 

Image: Pinterest @lulus.com

Image: Pinterest @youtu.be
  • Get Playful with a Short Skirt and New Americana High Boots


Styling high boots with a short skirt is as sexy as bold. You can create this look with a shirt or a top as the upper. Depending on the length of your skirt, decide the length of the shoe. Just ensure that there's a proper balance between the length of the skirt and the boots. To add a little more depth to your outfit, layer the skirt with stockings or tights. This will help to balance out the short skirt and provide some warmth if needed. You can also layer the shirt or the top with a jacket. Do not forget a chic handbag for added glamour. 

Image: Pinterest @beauty-issue.com

Image: Pinterest @weheartit.com
  • Stay Classy in a Short Bodycon Dress and New Kole High Boots


One of the sexiest and most challenging outfit pairings comes with a short bodycon dress and high boots. Choose a dress that flatters your body type and gives a perfectly comfortable fit. You can choose from printed and solid patterns. However, go for a solid-colored dress if the occasion is a bit formal. You can also layer the look with a coat if the weather is on the colder side. Take style inspiration from the girls below. 

Image: Pinterest @shopstyle.com

Image: Pinterest @boots4boots.tumblr.com

Image: Pinterest @etoile-luxuryvintage.com
  • Regular Chic with Skinny Jeans and Lyssa High Boots


Slay a sexy girl-next-door vibe with skinny jeans and a top with your favorite high boots. You can go for a heeled or a flatform high boot keeping your comfort at the forefront. Choose from a chic crop top or an off-shoulder corset top for a look that deserves a second look. You can also keep it elegant yet chic with a shirt like the girls in the image below. Again, layer with a coat/jacket for an even more structured look or as the weather demands. 

Image: Pinterest @britt

Image: Pinterest @GATES OF STYLE

Image: Pinterest @fashionjackson.com
  • Flow with a Midi Skirt and Groovy Stretch High Boots


Midi skirt with high boots is a trendy, bold, elegant, and fashionable outfit

pairing. You can style this look for a casual outing as well as for a casual formal day at work. The only difference comes with the style of upper. Go for a turtleneck top, a ruffled top, or an off-shoulder top for a casual look. For a casual formal look, a shirt or a cardigan works best. A pencil midi skirt looks great for a formal look, while the flowy one is best suited for casual outings. Take style inspiration from the girls below. 

Image: Pinterest @iamstyle-ish.com

Image: Pinterest @sydnestyle.com

Image: Pinterest @reddit.com
  • Get the Winter Vibes with a Sweater Dress and New Kole High Boots


Get over gum boots and get ready to slay the winters in these super chic high boots from Bronx Shoes. Pair them with a sweater dress that ends just above the knees or one with a lower hemline and a side slit. You can accessorize the look with a belt and layer it with a jacket worn sans sleeves. Take style cues from the girls below. 

Image: Pinterest 

Image: Pinterest @sarahstylesseattle.com

Image: Pinterest @outfittrends.com
  • Rock the Street Style with an Oversized Sweater, Tights, and Lyssa High Boots


High boots with an oversized sweater and tights or leggings can be a dramatic yet fashionable combination. This street style not only looks great but is extremely functional for chilly weather. Leggings or tights are a great way to add warmth while elevating the outfit further. Choose a pair that compliments your sweater and boots. Black or opaque tights are a safe choice, but you can also experiment with patterned or colored tights. Always choose chunky heels with a chunky platform to pair with an oversized sweater. To add some depth to your outfit, consider layering a scarf, jacket, or vest over your sweater.

Image: Pinterest @southerncurlsandpearls.com

Image: Pinterest @liketk.it

Image: Pinterest @Emily Sklar
  • Keep it Elegant with a Coat, Jeans, and Groovy High Boots


Create an elegant and chic look with high-waist skinny jeans, a turtleneck top, and your favorite high boots, layered with a structured coat that ends below the buttocks. This look can work for casual Fridays at the office and for any given casual day outdoors. You can also replace the top with a sweater or wear a longer coat gravitating the look to a more trendier side. 

Image: Pinterest @robustcreative.com

Image: Pinterest @fashionjackson.com
  • Summer Fun with a Maxi Dress and Tizzy High Boots


Maxi dresses deliver a beautiful and sophisticated look while high boots add to the boldness and a confident personality. Pairing this outfit combination is sure to bring oodles of oomph and elegance with a touch of confidence. Wear your flowy maxi dress with high boots and leave it to your outfit to make you look stylish and trendy. You can add a statement belt to accessorize the look. You also get brownie points for a dress with a slit. 

Image: Pinterest @sarahstylesseattle.com

Image: Pinterest @sydnestyle.com


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