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Artikel: 5 Chic Workwear Looks to Create with Comfortable Loafers from LÄST

5 Chic Workwear Looks to Create with Comfortable Loafers from LÄST

5 Chic Workwear Looks to Create with Comfortable Loafers from LÄST

With a busy routine, women sometimes run out of ideas to style chic workwear looks. Stylish workwear not only makes you look flattering but also delivers the right confidence to pull things off. When creating workwear looks, the idea is to find a balance between elegance, fashion, and comfort with the right outfits and shoes. Talking about shoes, there are many shoe styles perfect for work and one of them is loafers. 

Loafers As Comfortable Workwear Shoes

Loafers are an elegant shoe style for office wear, come in neat designs, and offer the right comfort from morning to evening. From a pantsuit to a pencil skirt, they look fashionable with almost every formal wear. The fact that loafers now come with a chunky sole, block heel, and monolith platform makes them a wardrobe staple for every woman who wants to make it to the classy list of her office group. 

Loafers from LÄST, a Scandinavian Brand

There are many brands that design chic workwear loafers for men and women and today we will talk about LÄST, a Scandinavian brand known for creating comfortable shoes with unique and modern designs. Loafers from LÄST are crafted using Italian shoemaking techniques that ensure high durability, a comfortable fit, and a trendy design. Through this blog, we will share five chic workwear looks you can create with loafers from LÄST or basically any loafers. So, let’s dig in.

Five Chic Workwear Looks with Loafers - From LÄST

When planning to create a chic workwear wardrobe, it is essential to keep things subtle, elegant, and comfortable with a touch of fashion. Shirts, pleated trousers, pencil skirts, and coats give a perfect start to creating your workwear looks journey. Shirts have a formal side to them, perfect for giving you a headstart, while pencil skirts and pleated trousers provide a beautiful silhouette while keeping things formal, and coats, on the other hand, add some form of structure and make you look ready for a confident day at the workplace. Let us now see some workwear looks that are as classy, comfortable, and fashionable as a ‘cashmere jacket on a snowy day.’ 

  • The Casual Formal Combination with Matter Leather Loafers


One of the classic formal looks comes with a subtle shirt, trousers, and your favorite pair of loafers. A plain white shirt is often a classic wardrobe staple, however, you can also go for shirts with appealing yet elegant colors like baby pink or sky blue. Elegant patterned shirts or with different fabrics, like a silk shirt also works perfectly for a workday. Match the shirt with pleated trousers in a contrasting shade and you are ready to rock the workday. Take style inspiration from the women below. 

Image: Pinterest @themomedit.com

Image: https://lifewithjazz.com/

  • Add Structure with a Blazer and Matter Leather Loafers 


Blazers add structure to your natural shape, helping elevate the simplest of looks. Pick one that works in coordination with most of your basic trousers like a navy blue or a black one. You can also go for a plaid blazer like the girls in the images below. You can layer the blazer either with a tshirt, a shirt, and even a turtleneck tee. Keep accessories to a minimum for a formal look. Add your chunky or penny loafer and you are all set for a busy day ahead.

Image: Pinterest @suitably.com

Image: Pinterest @theteacherdiva.com

  • Get into Serious Business with a Pantsuit and Penny Chunky Loafers


Pantsuit is one of the most sophisticated yet stylish outfits for workwear. A penny-style loafer would look best with pantsuits having a slimmer silhouette, while a chunky loafer would work best with a wide-legged pantsuit. Decide what works best for you and how comfortable you feel in a look. 

Image: Pinterest @wardrobeicons.com

Image: Pinterest @Larisa Nania

  • Show your Feminine Side in a Pencil Skirt and Matter Olive Loafers


Pencil skirts are extremely versatile, deliver a flattering silhouette, and can be styled for formal as well as casual occasions. Pair a bold-colored pencil skirt with a contrasting shirt along with your favorite pair of loafers. Pencil skirts look great with pumps and heeled sandals, however, these heeled shoes are not a practical option for a morning-to-evening job. Loafers, on the other hand, are super comfortable and elegant for office wear. You can replace the shirt with a sweater for the winter and also layer the look with a blazer. 

Image: Pinterest @OF LOVELY

Image: Pinterest @stealthelook.com.br

  • Get in the Casual Mood with Jeans and Penny Chunky Loafers


Who doesn't like casual Fridays? Get in your favorite pair of jeans with a tee and loafers. Throw in a coat for a more polished aesthetic. To keep things formal, try pairing the straight-fit jeans with a tucked-in shirt, a jacket, and loafers. Although jeans are more of a casual attire, they look super chic when styled correctly keeping the workwear aesthetic in mind. Besides, what else casual Fridays are for if not casuals? Take style inspiration from the girls below. 

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest @itisbeaute.com

Wrapping up

There are many ways to style loafers for a chic workwear look. Whether you prefer classic and timeless styles or more modern and trendy looks, there is a style for everyone. Don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces and accessories to create a look that speaks your style.


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