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Artikel: Accessorizing your Shoes - Tips for Women

Accessorizing your Shoes - Tips for Women

Accessorizing your Shoes - Tips for Women

When it comes to accessories, everyone generally thinks of jewelry, hats, scarves, watches, or sunglasses. What if we told you you can create funky and quirky looks with just a few unique and cute-looking accessories for shoes. 

Sometimes you do not feel like choosing a specific outfit and want to go for anything subtle. This is when a quirky and fun shoe accessory can bring up the whole look together to make you feel as stylish as ever. It might a cute bow, chic ribbon, or an anklet, or it might just be a store-bought accessorized shoe. Read on to know some tips for styling shoes with accessories that enhance your look further or make it more glam or sporty. 

Tips to Create Cool and Funky Looks with Women's Shoe Accessories

While quirky and fun shoe accessories can uplift a simple look, a subtle shoe helps keep all the attention on the glam outfit. It is all about creating a balance. A few changes or additions to your shoe styling can bring a whole lot of difference to your overall look. Here are some tips for women to use funky shoe accessories to look as cool as stylish. 

  • Colorful Laces. 

Often shoes come with color co-ordinated regular laces. But, who wants regular? Swipe regular shoelaces with colorful laces and make the overall look interesting. This trick will make your shoes look different, add a pop of color to your solid sneakers, and bring the whole look together. You can also buy dual-color laces for that added effect. You can try this hack with boots and other casual shoes too. Check out some images below for tips.

Image: Pinterest @Etsy


Image: Pinterest @cutelaces.com
Image: Pinterest @poppyapps.com


You can also use beautiful ribbon shoelaces in place of regular shoelaces to make the style even more unique and fun. Tie the laces in a fun and cool pattern to make a statement.

Image: Pinterest @ebay.com
Image: Pinterest @etsy.com


Check out some cool and funky sneakers at eNibbana and create subtle yet quirky looks instantly.



  • Embellishments or Shoe Charms. 

Adding beautiful shoe charms or embellishments to the shoelaces brings an altogether different vibe. It gives the shoes a trendy, fun, and playful look that lets the footwear do the talking. To give a personalized look to your shoes, add charms that match your outfit or have a special meaning for you. Take inspiration from the images below.

Image: Pinterest @projectpinupaccessories.com
Image: Pinterest @mylacecharms.com
Image: Pinterest @etsy.com
  • Shoe Straps for a more Edgy and Unique Look. 

Give your sandals a new and chic look with shoe straps. These cool and fashionable shoe accessories can attach to the front, back, or sides of your sandals to add a little sparkle and make them look edgy. The shoe straps are a great fix for heeled pumps that slip out from the back. These shoe straps come in different colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. This hack works with formal outfits, elegant party dresses, and everyday casual outings. Check out some styles below for ideas. 

Image: Pinterest @freyarose.com
Image: Pinterest @gucci.com
Image: Pinterest @Tiphany Stevens
  • Funky Colorful Socks to the Rescue. 

Ditch the regular common socks and groove in the funky and cool style of colorful socks. Perfect for casual occasions, quirky designer socks are the trendiest with pumps, heeled sandals, sneakers, boots, flat slides, and even with brogues. Styling socks with shoes works with shorts, short skirts, and mini or midi dresses, except in the case of brogues, it works with jeans and pants too. Take cues from looks below.

Image: Pinterest @whowhatwear.co.uk
Image: Pinterest @cmall.co.jp
Image: Pinterest @ivsmanifiesto.tumblr.com
Image: Pinterest @harpersbazaar.com
Image: Pinterest @images.urbanoutfitters.com


You can also create similar looks in winter. Swap socks with comfortable leg warmers with boots above tights or jeans and slay the winter look with a trendy and edgy style.

Image: Pinterest @Chaus Sures Femme
Image: Pinterest @catherinecole.com
  • Shoe Brooch or Buckle for a Glam and Elegant Look.

Brooches are commonly worn on clothes and give a sharp and sophisticated look to every ensemble. This small accessory has the charm to turn an otherwise simple outfit into an effortlessly chic one. Shoe brooches are equally elegant, glamorous, and fashionable. Find a pair that matches your outfit, and your style, and wear it with élan. This accessory is sure to elevate your look and give a new meaning to your shoes. You can attach the brooch on the front, sides, or back of the shoe. Take cues from the images below.

Image: Pinterest @jcrew.tumblr.com
Image: Pinterest @etsy.com
Image: Pinterest @etsy.com

Wrapping Up

These shoe accessory tips will instantly lift the look of your shoe and your overall outfit. The key is to play around with different accessories and shoe styles until you find the right one for yourself that matches your style and your personality.

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