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Artikel: The Ultimate Style Guide to Women’s Shoes

The Ultimate Style Guide to Women’s Shoes
Chelsea boots

The Ultimate Style Guide to Women’s Shoes

Marilyn Monroe rightly said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” We, at eNibbana, believe ‘shoes make her a woman,’ a confident and strong one. Shoes have the power to uplift your style and attitude to bring out your emotionally and physically strong personality. 

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right pair of shoes to go with an ensemble that resonates with your style. A perfect shoe should not only be trendy and fashionable but also comfortable and work in coordination with your style and outfit. Your perfect shoe should be an extended version of your confident personality that compliments your outfit the right way. 

This blog is the ultimate style guide to women’s shoes. Read on to learn about different shoe styles and how to style them to look as fashionable and confident as ever. 

Different Shoe Styles for Women and How to Style Them

It’s quite common to get confused between different styles of footwear as they differ from each other with just the heel type, or a zip or lace fastening. You would find different shoe styles in a single category. For example, boots come in different styles, from ankle boots or combat boots to cowboy boots or chelsea boots. You might find yourself thinking they all look the same, but there are actual differences that make them a perfect option for different ensembles. Let us see different shoe styles and the different ways to style them. But, before that, here are some fashion tips to look as confident as fashionable in every outfit. 

  • Always keep your comfort above everything. If you put trends over comfort and happiness, you will never get the confidence to slay in any outfit. It's the comfort and your happiness that gives you the right confidence to become a perfect version of yourself. 
  • Style as per the occasion. You do not want to look over-styled on a simple dinner date with friends. 
  • Do not always go for the most fashionable shoe you lay your eyes on. Sometimes, a subtle shoe looks the most elegant with your outfit for the day. Or, sometimes you should only let your shoe do the talking. 

With that, here are different styles of shoes for women and the different ways to style them.

  • Sandals.


Sandals are one of the most comfortable and easy-to-wear and carry shoes. The right pair carries comfort with trends and style and works with most outfits. From wedges and chunky slip-on sandals to gladiators and t-strap sandals, there are many different sandal styles. Some might look good with a maxi dress, others might work well with shorts or a short skirt. Here are some sandals with different outfits you can pair them with. 

  • Wedges. 

Wedges are super comfortable owing to the overall platform it comes with. They come in many different styles and are a perfect match for different occasions and outfits. Here are some ways you can style your wedge heels. 

  • Wedges with a short dress.

Image: Pinterest @andeelayne.com
  • Wedges with Jeans and a Top.

Image: Pinterest

  • Wedges with shorts, a tee, and a Kimono. 

Wedges are also a perfect match for a tee, shorts, and a kimono or a summer jacket to make the overall look interesting and captivating.

Image: Pinterest @styledjen.com

Bella espadrille wedge sandal from eNibbana has a feminine design and a chic look for different outfits. It is super comfortable and an authentic pair to glam up your everyday styles.


  • Strappy Sandals. 

Labelled as the ‘Ugly’ sandal trend, strappy sandals are actually a comfortable and casual style women love to flaunt for a cooler and bare minimum look. Celebrities are often spotted in this ugly yet comfy and chic style on many occasions. Strappy sandals come in different styles and heel types. Here are some ways you can style them on different occasions. 

  • Strappy Sandals with a Button-Down Dress/Short Dress. 

Gigi Hadid went for a rather unconventional shoe with a button-down dress for her outing in the city. It still looks cool as long as you are comfortable and feel confident to pull this off. 

Image: https://www.whowhatwear.com/

  • Strappy Sandals with a Tee and Denims.

Image: https://www.whowhatwear.com/

Hop on the ‘ugly’ sandal trend with the many chic and comfortable sandals from eNibbana. Here are a few styles.




  • Chunky Sandals. 

The cage design, wide straps, thick platform, big buckle, lug sole, and velcro straps perfectly define a chunky sandal for women. This 90s style does not cease to be in the trends every single season as it’s extremely comfortable and somewhat fashionable. Here are a few ways you can style chunky sandals. 

  • Chunky Black Sandals with Colorful Pants and a Cute Feminine Top.

Image: Instagram @tarigonzalez
  • Chunky Sandals with a Midi Dress.

Image: Instagram @hannahbaxward


Find similar chunky sandal styles at eNibbana and create your own beautiful looks. Here are some chic and comfy styles:



  • Heeled Sandals for Women. 

Heeled sandals are super chic, forever trendy, and glamorous. They are one of the first options for a glam event. Heels come in different shapes and lengths. You can go for the one that suits your personality and your outfit. Here are a few heeled sandal styles and the different ways to style them. 

  • Heeled Sandal with Ripped Jeans, a Tee, and a Jacket.

Image: Pinterest @maisondecinq.com
  • Heeled Sandals for a Formal/Party Look.

Image: Pinterest @denimology.com


Check out some heeled sandals at eNibbana and create beautiful looks as above.



  • Sneakers.

Sneakers qualify as the champion amongst the most comfortable, chic, and trendy shoes of all time. They are so perfect they match almost every outfit. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen people flaunting chic sneakers even with wedding gowns or party dresses for that comfy dance on the floor. They have the power to elevate the look of any outfit if styled correctly. Majorly, sneakers differ only on the basis of their heel type, the chunky sneakers with a platform and the ones with a wedge heel. Here are a few ways you can style this wardrobe staple with different outfits. 

  • Chunky Sneakers. 

Chunky sneakers are regular sneakers with a platform. They are mostly unisex, super functional, and versatile. Here are some ways you can style a casual chunky sneaker. All the below looks can also be paired with wedge heel sneakers, depending on your comfort and style.

  • Sneakers with a Midi Dress.

Image: Pinterest @wheretoget.it


Image: Pinterest @alissonsimmonds.com
  • Sneakers with a Short Mini Dress.

    Image: Pinterest @yeahgotravel.com


    Image: Pinterest @teenvogue.com
    • Sneakers with a Mini Skirt and a Tee/Top.

    Image: Pinterest @seeannajane.com


    Image: Pinterest @glaminati.com
    • Sneakers with a Sweater Dress. 

    Sneakers are all-year-round shoes that work for most of your winter outfits as well.

    Image: Pinterest @popsugar.com


    Image: Pinterest @fabfashionfix.tumblr.com
    • Sneakers with Jeans.

    Image: Pinterest @natalieyerger.com


    Image: Pinterest @thetrendytale.tumblr.com


    Image: Pinterest @whowhatwear.co.uk


    Image: Pinterest @Celebrity World


    Take inspiration from the above looks and create your own chic looks with trendy women sneakers from eNibbana.


    • Boots. 

    Who doesn’t love boots? No woman ever owned a single pair of boots. They are forever trendy, chic, and comfortable, and have the power to elevate street-style looks. The different styles of boots work with different outfits. Their shape, length, heel type, and fastening style make them different from each other. Here are some commonly worn boots every woman must own. 

    • Ankle Boots. 

    The boots that end around or just above the ankles are ankle boots. They are generally flats or have low heels. From authentic leather to suede, or nappa leather, ankle boots come in different styles and materials. They are super functional and versatile enough to be styled throughout the year. Chelsea boots and combat boots also come under the ankle boots category. 

    • Chelsea Boots. 

    As an ankle boot, chelsea boots end at the ankles and can be classified with elastic fastening on the sides and a lug sole. Here are some ways to style chelsea boots.

    • Chelsea Boots with Jeans, Tee, and an Overcoat.

    Image: Pinterest @bycharlotteb.com


    • Chelsea Boots with Shorts and a Sweater.

    Image: Pinterest @whowhatwear.com


    Here are some chelsea boot styles to create similar looks to leave everyone spellbound with your style. Check them out at eNibbana



    Combat boots are rugged and extremely durable with lace fastening and a super chunky rubber sole. Originally designed for the military, they became a common fashion scene in the 70s and kept coming back until they became a hot favorite for street-style chic fashion in the 90s. Combat boots deliver the right attitude every woman needs to stay confident. Here are some looks you can create with chunky combat boots. 

    • Combat Boots with Shorts and a Shirt.

    Image: Pinterest @okchicas.com
    • Combat Boots with a Short Dress.

    Image: Pinterest @devonalana.com
    • Combat Boots with a Maxi Dress.

    Image: Pinterest @laurenschwaiger.com


    Indulge in some chic and trendy combat boot styles at eNibbana to create fashionable and confident looks as above. 



    • High Boots.

    Knee-high boots are the ‘It’ boots for fall ‘22 and why not? They can instantly lift any outfit and deliver the right confidence women need to conquer at times. They are surely hot off the runway style to create a statement look that defines your style, attitude, and confidence. High boots come in different styles, heel types, and materials. Get one for yourself as per your style, taste, need, and comfort. Here are some combinations of looks you can create with high boots to get the chicest look of the season. 

    • High Boots with a Button Down Dress.

    Image: Pinterest @whowhatwear.com
    • Thigh-High Boots with a Mini Dress and a Long Coat.

    Image: Pinterest

    • Knee-High Boots with a Sweater Dress.

    Image: Pinterest @Kris
    • High Boots with a Frill Dress.

    Image: Pinterest @Rebecca Maloney
    • High Boots with jeans, Tee, and a Jacket.

    Image: Pinterest @soheather.com


    Create your own chic and trendy looks with high boots from eNibbana. Here are a few styles.




    • Mules. 

    Used in the 16th century as bedroom slippers, mules paved their way into street-style fashion with the changing trends, emerging designs, and elevating comfort people wanted in fashion. Mules have a restricted front and an open back. They can be flat or low-heeled with beautiful color variations. They bring a unique touch to your overall look while keeping you relaxed, comfortable, and still slaying with every step. Here are some ways you can style chic mule shoes.

    • Mules with Jeans and a Shirt. 

    Image: Pinterest @shefinds.com
    • Mules with a Button-Down Dress.

    Image: Pinterest @whaelse.com
    • Mules with Shorts and a Top/Tee.

    Image: Pinterest @thebobbedbrunette.com


    Image: Pinterest @ohsoglam.com


    Indulge in chic mules from different brands at eNibbana and add a touch of relaxed glamour to every outfit. Here are some subtle yet chic models you would love.




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