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Artikel: Why are Summer Sneakers Must-Have Shoes for Women?

Why are Summer Sneakers Must-Have Shoes for Women?

Why are Summer Sneakers Must-Have Shoes for Women?

We’re almost at the tail-end of the winter and about to greet the warmth of blooming and bright spring/summer. With the change in season, a lot of things change in our daily lives, especially our sartorial choices. As summer approaches, we dress lighter, flow with the flowy dresses, and glow in the vibrant hues. Besides clothing, shoes change the way we create our chic spring/summer looks. But, as seen from the recent fashion trends, leaving a few styles aside, shoes have become extremely versatile to style around the year. Take, for example, sneakers, one of the trendy shoes that can be styled throughout the year. 

Sneakers make it to our style guide sheet every season because of their comfort and for being in trends throughout. They can be styled with almost every casual outfit and we find it easy to approach them for everyday sartorial needs. Still, some women find it difficult to pair sneakers for chic casual looks. Through this blog, we will list some reasons why summer sneakers are a must-have for women and some ways to style sneakers with different outfits. Let’s dig right in.

Sneakers! The Coolest of them all.

Undoubtedly, sneakers are the coolest shoes of them all. With suitable features and chic designs, these shoes somehow find their way to the runway and make it to the trendy list of every season. Besides, who can forget the fact that they protect your feet from sun damage and dryness? Here are some features of a perfect sneaker to find that much-needed spot in your closet.


  • Comfort. 

Summer sneakers are lightweight, breathable, and super comfortable. They are every woman’s go-to choice of shoes for everyday casual looks. They deliver the right support you need for all-day-long wear. Check out Emily Ratajkowski looking chic and comfortable in a yellow slip dress with summer sneakers. With the comfort and trendy style of summer sneakers such as these, you are sure to slay every look. 

Emily Ratajkowski yellow slip dress summer sneakers

IMAGE: Pinterest @ dailymail.co.uk

  • Versatile.

Summer sneakers are so versatile that they can be styled with almost every casual outfit. Be it jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, mini skirts, or any dress, you can fashionably style summer sneakers without any extra effort. Check out some ways women have styled summer sneakers with casual outfits. 

Katie Holmes in Mom Jeans and Summer Sneakers

Katie Holmes in Mom Jeans and Summer Sneakers

Image: Pinterest @footwearnews.com

Summer Sneakers with Shorts

Summer Sneakers with Shorts

Image: Pinterest @jessannkirby.com

Summer Sneakers with Mini Skirt

Summer Sneakers with Mini Skirt

Image: Pinterest @glaminati.com

Summer Sneakers with Maxi Dress

Summer Sneakers with Maxi Dress

Image: Pinterest @kendieveryday.com 

  • Forever Trendy.

Sneakers continue to stay in trend since the inclusion of street style fashion in runway styles. The fact that every designer and high-end brand is manufacturing a newer version of sneakers shows how impactful sneakers are in fashion. Another reason why sneakers always stay in trend is because of their comfort. Versatility combined with comfort and a trendy design makes sneakers a forever trendy shoe to wear for every casual occasion.

  • Chic, Colorful Designs. 

From high-top and low-top to sporty and canvas, sneakers come in different styles and chic designs. They come in every color and material to keep your look minimal or quirky as the occasion demands. In fact, sneakers now come in elegant wedge heels so that no one is left behind. Check out some cool sneakers in different styles, designs, and colors.

Tayke Over Chunky Sneakers


Malvina Sneakers in Beautiful Summer-ish Sage Green Color


No name Sporty Carter Runner Sneakers


Designer Run Star Hike Hi Sneakers


What Type of Sneakers can You Wear for the Summer?

Because of their comfort and versatility, you can wear any style of sneaker you want for the summer, but breathable and lightweight canvas sneakers are preferred over others. Go for low-top sneakers in light and bright colors. Keep the outfit subtle for the bright sneakers to grab the limelight. 

Wrapping Up

With comfort and versatility along with an evolved and chic design, sneakers are here to rule the trends year by year. Give yourself a chance to try them and we’re sure you cannot keep yourself away from them for everyday casual looks. Take inspiration from the above looks and style your way to perfection. To make your sneaker journey a soulful experience, we’ve curated some fashionably elegant models from eNibbana. Check them out below. 

Last B-Ball Summer Sneakers


Last Bella Summer Sneakers


Converse Run Star Motion oX Sneakers


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