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Artikel: Top 5 Tips for Women to Choose the Perfect Shoulder Bag

Top 5 Tips for Women to Choose the Perfect Shoulder Bag

Top 5 Tips for Women to Choose the Perfect Shoulder Bag

The last accessory a woman needs to complete her look is her bag. The right bag not only makes her look stylish and elegant but also elevates her personality and gives her a poised look. Besides, it comes in handy when you need to carry your things while heading out. This is the reason you should choose a bag that not only looks chic but also completes all your needs of being the perfect bag. But how do you decide which is the right bag for you? Let us take you through the top 5 tips to choose the perfect shoulder bag. 

Tips to Choose the Perfect Shoulder Bag for Women

Every woman has at least three or four bags in her closet but we always have a favorite one amongst those that we wear on most days. The fact that we wear this bag the most is because we love it but why? Because it has a lot of features that make it a perfect bag to carry every day. When looking to buy a new bag, these are the features you should be looking for, to find yourself the perfect ‘made for me’ bag. On that note, here are the top five tips which help women choose the perfect shoulder bag and what you should be looking for in your next purchase.

  • Comfort. 

Comfort should be your top priority when choosing the right shoulder bag. Try the shoulder bag on both shoulders and notice the level of comfort on two parameters. 

  • That bag should sit on your shoulders without sliding off easily,
  • There is enough space in between the straps that your arms rest comfortably. Of course, there will be a slight outside push of your arms when you hold any bag but it should not be so out that it creates any kind of discomfort. 

If you do not notice any of the above two things, do not go for it because you will end up discarding the bag in one corner of your wardrobe. 

  • Quality.

The quality of the bag is another aspect that carries weight when it comes to buying a perfect shoulder bag. The quality ensures that the bag is durable enough to stay longer in your closet. Plus, a perfect quality bag is always chic and comfortable to carry, like Mio Shoulder Bag from Akaada which combines a chic design with a trendy style and comfortable wear all day long. 

Authentic material ensures great quality. Check out the material and its authenticity. Always make sure you buy genuine quality bags because Benjamin Franklin rightly said, ”The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Besides, if you are into vegan leather, ensure that the vegan leather is also high quality and lends high durability to the bag. 

Mio Shoulder Bag


  • Weight.

The weight of the bag is one of the criteria when choosing a perfect shoulder bag as weight is another factor in deciding the comfort it brings along. If the bag is too heavy, it will not be practical for you to carry with the weight of all your things. Consider getting a lightweight bag with broader straps or a bag with fewer hardware details as they also tend to weigh down the bag. Deciding to buy a small or a large bag can also make a lot of difference to its weight. Keep in mind your needs and comfort when making the purchase so that you do not end up regretting the decision. You can also go for soft leather bags which are generally made with lambskin and deerskin as they tend to be lighter than others. Check out Caselle, a lightweight shoulder bag that also happens to be super comfortable, spacious, and highly durable. 

Caselle Shoulder Bag


  • Versatility. 

No doubt women love to splurge on shoes and bags, but getting a separate bag for every outfit or in every color might seem a little too overwhelming, besides being heavy on the pocket. Although you should have at least 3-4 bags in your closet, having a versatile shoulder bag does the trick when you want to save extra money and get comfortable with one bag for all your daily casual needs. Look for a shoulder bag versatile enough to be your work bag and your everyday casual bag. Keep in mind all the remaining factors to make sure this bag lasts a lifetime in your closet. Lunano tote bag covers all the aspects of being your work cum casual bag with its spacious, comfortable, and lightweight design, and durable manufacturing. Lunano Tote/Shoulder Bag

ATP Atelier Lunano Tote Shoulder Bag
  • Functionality. 

Functionality describes how a bag is designed. Pay close attention to the handles, metal hardware, closure, and pockets. 

  • Whether you need a separate pocket for your keys, phone, money, and other things
  • How much metal hardware can you handle or want?
  • If you want the handles or sling to be thin or wide
  • If you want the bag to have a zipper or a magnet closure. 

Know your needs in advance and figure out the perfect bag for yourself. 

Wrapping Up

From helping you carry your most important things to elevating your style, shoulder bags make for a much-needed accessory in a woman’s closet. While there are every style and combination of shoulder bags available out there, you need to figure out the best one for yourself that combines an aesthetically pleasing design along with the latest fashion, trends, your choice of material, and all the above aspects. Check out some chic models at eNibbana to add the perfect shoulder bag to your wardrobe. 

ATP Atelier Assisi Crossbody Bag


Ena Shoulder Bag


Kaai Ikon Shoulder Bag


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