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Article: 10 Chic Ways to Style Chelsea Boots from Copenhagen Studios

10 Chic Ways to Style Chelsea Boots from Copenhagen Studios

10 Chic Ways to Style Chelsea Boots from Copenhagen Studios

If there’s any shoe style that checks the box of being timeless and versatile, it’s the Chelsea boots! Chelsea boots have left their categorization of being a season staple far behind, and have become a hot favorite throughout the year. Because of their comfort, versatility to match different outfits, and timeless style, Chelsea boots continue to rule casual fashion looks for every fashionista. 

But, How do you Identify Chelsea boots from other Shoe Styles? 

Chelsea boots are characterized by elastic side panels that also work as shoe fastening. Generally, Chelsea boots are ankle-length but some designers also design Chelsea boots in mid-calf length. Most designs come with a lugged sole with different heel styles, heights, and materials. Here’s a fun fact! Chelsea boots got their name from King's Road in the London Borough of Chelsea where they were first noticed around the 1950s and 60s, although earlier they were mostly used for riding.

Since then, men and women have splurged on Chelsea boots and loved them for their comfort, style, practicality, and versatility. There are so many different ways to style Chelsea boots which is why it becomes difficult to find out a perfect way to start. Let us tell you, there is no perfect start, whatever you feel good, comfortable, and stylish in, is your best start. On that note, here are 10 chic ways to give you an idea of how to style Chelsea boots from Copenhagen Studios, a luxury designer brand that delivers high-quality shoes with a minimalist design and a chic style. 

Chic Ways to Style Chelsea Boots - From Copenhagen Studios

Chelsea boots have been around for a very long time with different designers and brands designing their updated versions from the initial sleek platforms to the recent lugged soles. They are classified as timeless go-to shoes by different designers owing to their comfort and versatility. But, why did we choose Chelsea boots over other styles? Because we, at eNibbana, believe in comfortable fashion. For us, your comfort is our top priority besides a chic design and a trendy style. Let us now see some fashionable ways through which you can incorporate this comfiest yet trendiest and coolest shoe into your everyday styles. 

  • The Classic Combination with Vitello Matt Chelsea Boots.


Style your mid-calf Chelsea boots with a plain tee and slim-fit jeans for a classic and timeless combination. You can add a sweater for fall/winter. For a more elegant and classy style, add an overcoat or a leather jacket that keeps your look minimal with a touch of chic. Take style inspiration from the girl below. 

Image: Pinterest @Linda Greene

  • Go Monochrome with Vitello Low Chelsea Boots


Create an equally chic yet minimalist look by going monochrome like the girl below. Pair your black Chelsea boots with black jeans, and a black shirt. You can layer it with a jacket for the winter. Accessorize the look with a sling bag and you are good for any outing and even travel. 

Image: Pinterest

  • Dress up with Vitello Khaki Low Chelsea Boots


As a versatile shoe, Chelsea boots look great with every outfit, from jeans to skirts and dresses. Pair your brown or black Chelsea boots with a midi dress like the girl below. This look works for any outing, get-together, lunch date, and even a formal occasion. For a formal event, layer the look with an overcoat worn as a cape (without putting on the sleeves). You can also replace this ribbed dress with a flowy midi dress for a casual occasion.

Image: Pinterest

  • Go Bold with Prints and Vitello Fango Chelsea Boots 


Experiment with prints for a bold and contemporary look. Pair your Chelsea Boots with anything printed and you are ready to lay ground rules for a mix of street style and runway fashion. Take inspiration from the girl below. In this look, she combines prints with Chelsea boots and also keeps it classy in a pantsuit, giving you a major inspiration to pair Chelsea boots with a pantsuit. 

Image: Pinterest

  • Check the Laid-Back Vibe with Baggy Jeans and Vitello Chelsea Boots


Get some laid-back vibes with Chelsea boots paired with baggy jeans. Keep the look coordinated with perfectly balanced silhouettes. With baggy jeans, pair a crop top or a bodysuit top for a well-balanced outfit. You can also layer the look with a leather jacket like the girl below.

Image: Pinterest @
  • Rock an Easy Look with Leggings and Vitello Matt Low Chelsea Boots


Leggings with Chelsea boots are a perfect combination for any busy woman. When on the move, just slip on the leggings with a tee, a tank top, or a sweatshirt with your favorite Chelsea boots and you are good to go. Layer the tee with a shacket for a more sophisticated look. You can also wear leggings with a shacket button-down. You can go for any type of leggings, from printed ones to leather ones to create playful yet chic looks. Take inspiration from the girls below. 

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

  • Get sporty with Shorts and Vitello Chelsea Boots


Give a new name to grunge fashion with denim shorts paired with a tee or a half-tucked-in shirt and Chelsea boots. You can also go for a well-balanced look with leather shorts, tanks, and Chelsea boots. Colorful tailored shorts, too, look great with Chelsea boots paired with a top or blouse. Take inspiration from the girls in the images below. 

Image: Pinterest @jess.

Image: Pinterest

  • Stay Relaxed with Sweatpants and Vitello Nature Chelsea Boots


Sweatpants with Chelsea boots are a perfect outfit to keep your look minimal and relaxed. To deliver a confident appeal, pair your sweatpants with an elastic hemline with tall Chelsea boots and cropped sweatpants with a wider hemline with low Chelsea boots. Always keep the rest of the outfit minimal to draw attention to the boots. You can wear a bodysuit, a simple tee, a crop top, or a matching sweatshirt on the upper. You can also layer the look with an overcoat. 

Image: Pinterest @Ashley Mercedes

Image: Pinterest @LADYSVIBESS

  • Get Playful with a Short Skirt and Vitello Fuchsia Chelsea Boots


From a maxi to midi and mini, Chelsea boots are perfect to style with every type of skirt. A leather short skirt looks great with leather Chelsea boots paired with a tucked-in top. Throw a jacket over for a chic look that stands out. You can also put on fishnet stockings or tights for fall/winter. 

Image: Pinterest 

You can also get into the schoolgirl aesthetics with a pleated short skirt, a tee, and your favorite Chelsea boots. 

Image: Pinterest 

  • Add a Pop of Color with Vitello Lilac Chelsea Boots


Inject some colors into your wardrobe when creating chic looks with Chelsea boots. Be it a shirt, a tee, a top, or a skirt, get in a bright and bold piece of clothing for the look of the day and finish the look with your comfortable and versatile Chelsea boots. This will add some excitement to your outfit while keeping your look fresh and elegant. 

Image: Pinterest

Wrapping Up

Chelsea boots are a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. By following these tips and trying out different styles and combinations, you can make the most of this classic footwear and create looks that are uniquely your own.


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