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Traversing the streets on a bicycle. Slowing down while moving forward. Moving the crucial times. Together, everywhere, anytime. Functional elements, soft leathers, and neutral colors. Modern design combines authentic workmanship. Natural connection produced in Europe. Copenhagen.

  • That is the philosophy of this brand. What more to say?

The story

Johannes and Julian Rellecke, two brothers, formed COPENHAGEN in 2017, which was no accident. Both of them have been committed to the craft of making shoes ever since, carrying on the tradition of the third generation of shoemakers. They had a natural inclination toward accuracy, quality, and fairness, which is now apparent in each and every collection.

As twins, they've always shared a strong connection. And they were significantly molded by the entrepreneurial environment. As Liebeskind's original creators, they previously achieved enormous success. Then it was time to pay close attention to their footwear-related origins. Julian is currently in charge of overseeing the whole design process and anticipating future trends as the creative force behind COPENHAGEN. Making things happen, Johannes oversees the business and marketing aspects. Together, they are always working to raise the bar for the minimalist, premium footwear.


The shoes are created in Europe and designed in Copenhagen. Italian family-run tanneries provide the leather, while local manufacturers in Europe handle the manufacturing process. To assure the best quality, every item is completed by hand. The two founders collaborate with like-minded partners who are subject matter experts in their sector and have a great awareness of people and the environment along the whole value chain.

The brand is built on genuine connections and experiences because COPENHAGEN is all about its people. And about a mutual love of high-quality, simple footwear that encourages a carefree outlook on daily life. every movement.

What images do you have in your head when you consider the ideal daily shoe? Most likely the traditional white sneaker. The best possible light is CPH51. The nicest part about them is that you can wear them with both casual clothing and more dressy ones, including business suits.

The brand-new Sneaker CPH687 is another variation. a timeless sneaker with a fashionable sporty edge. The shoe's stripe feature gives it an additional edge and stylish vibe.

However, what we must not forget are our chunky boots.

The thick platform sole of the CPH686 not only adds a few centimeters to your height but also creates a beautiful leg and is super comfortable.

What the company says:

“We value inventive workmanship, useful details, and cutting-edge designs. With our partners, we strive to establish intimate, familiar relationships based on fairness, openness, and trust. Together, we treat one another with respect and work hard to create a better tomorrow. because we value enduring connections and the durability of our goods.”


The magic begins to work its magic at COPENHAGEN Studios. There, fresh patterns, accents, and hues are created while evoking the atmosphere of the Danish capital.

 Inspiration has always come from Copenhagen. the Nordic aesthetic, the simple design, and the laid-back lifestyle. It naturally drew the Rellecke brothers, who finally made it their own.

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