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Did you know that mule shoes were Marilyn Monroe's preferred type of footwear? It is real! However, if you don't keep up with shoe fashion as well as others, you could be wondering what a mule shoe is.

A Synopsis of Mule History

In the world of footwear, mules are not a recent fad or fashion. Although they may have had a recent spike in popularity, the mule has a far longer history. Are you curious about the origins of mules and the reasons behind their enduring appeal? To learn more about the history of mules, continue reading.

The word "mule" has a Latin origin that dates back to the time of ancient Rome, but it wasn't until the 16th century that this word came to mean a backless shoe. While mules are now used in a variety of circumstances (which is perhaps why Marylin Monroe found them so alluring), they were originally primarily worn as a form of slipper in the bedroom. 

Rich ladies of the French court started donning them beneath their ball dresses in the 17th century, and the Jean-Honore Fragonard painting "The Swing" depicts a woman taking off a pair of mules while staring at a male admirer.

Although the history of mules is amazing and extensive, Ms. Marylin Monroe is credited with popularizing this kind of shoe when she started pairing it with chic shift dresses and high-waisted pants.

The 1990s saw a fresh spike in the popularity of mules, which came to represent the decade as a whole. After all, in "Sex in the City," Carrie Bradshaw strutted through the streets of New York wearing fashionable attire and mules, and what woman wouldn't want to do the same?

Advantages of wearing mules

Women choose mules as summer footwear, and many continue to wear them far into the fall since they are known for being comfy due to the soft leather and suede utilized in the design. Did you realize that this particular shoe design may also have substantial health advantages?

The absence of a rear makes this shoe distinctive among mules. The mules won't exacerbate any existing heel problems, including Achilles tendonitis if you have it. This is because while you are walking, no back will rub or irritate the tendon. They are a wise choice for those who suffer from arthritis as well.

Mules are not only foot-friendly but also really trendy, so if you're searching for shoes that are comfy, fashionable, and excellent for your feet, give them a try.

How to Put On Mules

Mules are a smart shoe option for the most recent and greatest fashion trends since they are backless, closed-toe, or opened-toe, and offer alternatives for huge to little heels. One reason why these shoes are once again in demand is their adaptability, which allows you to pair them with practically any style or outfit in your closet.

You may design a look that is more Parisian and stylish, one that is straight out of the 1970s, or even one that is sophisticated and business casual. Consider pairing your mules with cropped slacks or trousers if you want to experiment with different outfits to find which one you like most. This enables you to truly emphasize the design of these shoes.

Try pairing your cuffed jeans with a pair of black, open-toed mules with a modest heel as an alternative. You may create a casual appearance that is ideal for doing errands, going out, or simply visiting friends by wearing this with a solid-colored shirt. Add some complementary extras as well, like a handcrafted bag.

You may probably discover something in these styles that complements your current clothing. Depending on the shoes you buy, you can also add new items to your wardrobe.

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