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Article: 10 Scandinavian Street Fashion Ideas to Steal Right Now

Scandinavian street style ideas

10 Scandinavian Street Fashion Ideas to Steal Right Now

Scandinavian street style is sometimes overlooked when in comparison with the London Street Style or NYC outdoor fashion outfits but there is so much merit to taking a deeper look into the Scandi style. Nordic people are considered one of the best-dressed nations not only in Europe but in the world. People visiting cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, or Oslo are always fascinated with how well the Nordics are dressed. It is astonishing to see such a majority of people with such impeccable style from the males and females to the young children. Personal fashion techniques seem to be vital to the Scandis, so if you want to impress others with your incredibly trendy, modern, and minimalistic style then keep on reading to find the fashion drifts that make the Vikings the best-dressed people! 

Color Combinations To Catch The Eye. 

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Scandinavian street fashion is its ability to amalgamate colors and even textures. The general rule of thumb amongst them is the use of no more than 3-4 colors when one is the bolder but still classy shade and the rest are more neutral and versatile. 

Scandinavian fashion ideas

Outfit ideas from the Copenhagen fashion week


Bold Prints 

Although there was a slight drawback from print a couple of years back, right now they are coming back. This trend was dearly missed and we are so happy to see it again. Scandinavian people are careful with prints but they add them in such a classy way. 

Outfit inspiration from Scandinavian women


The Big Teddy Bear Coat

The weather in Scandinavian countries is mostly gloomy and there are very few sunny days. If you decide to visit a Nordic country, pack well and add warm and thick clothes. One great hit that you will definitely see on the streets there is the Teddy Bear Coat. It is heavily used, looks amazingly trendy, and is really warm and cozy. 

Trends in Scandinavian Fashion


Cowboy boots - Rocking the Western look

Cowboy boots were a hit on the 2019 Copenhagen fashion week and they are still going strong, so we are expecting them to gain more popularity in the upcoming fashion shows in the Nordic countries. 

Fashion Trends in Nordic countries


The White Shoes 

If you are going to steal only one thing from the Scandinavian Street Style let it be White Shoes. From white chunky sneakers, off-white leather boots to modern white platform sandals, these are light and aesthetically pleasing shoes and a must for this season. Wearing white shoes adds brightness to whatever you're wearing. 

Minimalistic Scandinavian fashion trends

Amazing Scandinavian street style


The Loose Women's Suits 

The Baggy Women’s Suits are models of a suit that has been advocated by the Scandi women for years now. Look for a boxy loose-fitting blazer with coordinating trousers to create a suit that will make you proud. 

How to replicate the Scandi street style look


The Plaid Motif 

There are many ways to include plaid apparel into your street style. However, here is a little tip we took from the Nordic style. Add a plaid scarf to your simple but classy outfit. It will look like you spend $300 dollars on your scarf alone but you can certainly find a more affordable yet high-quality plaid scarf. Check out the Danish brand Elvang and their beautiful 100% natural materials collection. It will impress you for sure.  

Street style ideas to steal from Nordic women


Gold jewellery - Glamour & Style 

Jewellery fashion brands & designers are basically obsessed with gold in 2021 and Scandinavian Street Style is not shying away from the trend. In fact, we see more and more women wearing trendy jewellery with interestingly shaped gold earrings or edgy bracelets. 

Fashion and accessories ideas to steal

The Cross-Body Bag

Crossbody bags are best worn with a looser, more relaxed silhouette which fits greatly with Scandinavian street style as the Vikings prefer wearing comfortable clothes and accessories. Being modern and stylish is a big part of their personal style, so when you do pick the perfect cross-body bag select a high-quality leather material that can be paired with most of the clothing in your closet.

2021 Street fashion trends in Scandinavia


Open Neckline Scandi Trend 

Did you notice that in most of the pictures above, the women from the Scandinavian streets avoid wearing polos. That is because it is no longer a hit. Instead, go for a good sweater with puffy sleeves and a nice plaid scarf like we mentioned earlier. When you add the scarf you won’t need the polos. 

Fashion tips for a Scandinavian look



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