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POMME D'OR Women's Footwear

Pomme D’or, The Italian Saga

Pomme D’or is a luxury footwear brand founded in 1975 in the Marche region of Italy. They excel in designing and manufacturing minimalist yet fashionable shoes for women. Pomme D’or uses a special technique to craft genuine handmade footwear that neither goes out of fashion nor diminishes in quality. As an international label, Pomme D’or strikes the right chord with women from all over the world who prefer simple details and trendy models with comfortable wear. They stand on the strong ground of Italian craftsmanship that never compromises quality, comfort, and style in any design.

The Unique Sacchetto Technique

Also called the ‘bologna’ or ‘bag’ technique, Sacchetto is an Italian shoemaking method that uses one single piece of leather and is put around the last. This piece of leather is then cut in the exact shape of the last and hand-stitched with utmost care and precision. This handmade approach does not leave any seams or stitches to irritate your foot or restrict your movement. It helps make the most comfortable, soft, and flexible designs. The footwear made with sacchetto has very clean lines, neat appearance and often uses a thin outsole. As a customer-oriented label, Pomme D’or uses highly reliable, dependable techniques, well-grounded to its roots, and known worldwide for quality and authenticity.

Indulge in Designer luxury with Pomme D’or

The skilled artisans and craftsmen use renowned Italian craftsmanship with quality materials to ensure the long life of shoes made at Pomme D’or. Unique styles and trendy designs are some other reasons why consumers find comfort, fashion, and genuinity in Pomme D’or shoes. They bring exclusive flats, loafers, ballerinas, and boots in warm colors like beige, brown, nude, caramel, antique pink, and scintillating colors like blue, black, and more. Their designs are functional to help you easily go about the day and versatile to wear with every outfit and through seasons.

Shop Pomme D’or at eNibbana

At eNibbana, we are proud to partner with brands like Pomme D’or, who stick to their roots to deliver genuine quality and supreme comfort for consumer needs. The minimalist designs offered by them are their true identity that people can relate to, and often wear them to casual outings and business meetings. Buying a Pomme D’or is treating yourself to uncompromised luxury that pampers and soothes your feet throughout the day. Buy online the shoes you like at the best prices only at eNibbana and see yourself falling in love with their evergreen and ever-stylish collection.