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Yume Yume, Japan-inspired Styles from Amsterdam

Founded in 2018 in Amsterdam, Yume Yume is a contemporary footwear brand that designs luxuriously exclusive shoes for self-assured women. They combine Japanese-inspired designs with a modern and futuristic approach to everyday footwear. Comfort, future-forward models, and artistry are the core pillars on which the brand stands. Yume Yume wakes creativity in every fashionista through its designs and lets them be their own stylist to carve their own way. Their styles add a graceful personality to every wardrobe that loves to stay free of conventional fashion standards.

Ethically Manufactured Designer Styles 

As a label, Yume Yume is a highly responsible one. They have a keen eye for the material that goes into making a shoe at their factories. Being focused on a conscious design, they use ethically made and sustainably sourced Italian vegan leather along with recycled polyester, recycled rubber, and recycled nylon to craft comfy designs. Their packaging is also made in biodegradable material. The natural Japanese silhouettes combined with innovative technology and comfortable architecture make an impressive label like Yume Yume. They dare you to dream big and base your existence on your own style, despite following the generally followed trends.

Designs Made at Yume Yume

Yume Yume strives to bring perfection with every pair using utmost precision and attention to detail. Their unique models tell the world that fashion is what people feel most comfortable in and style is what they feel beautiful in. They do not design for the present, they design for the futuristic world where comfort will be supreme and your own style would be in vogue. Their designs include

  • Flip Flops
  • Sneakers
  • Slides
  • Track boots

The flip-flops are inspired by the iconic shapes of the Japanese Geta. High-quality EVA for the YUME’s replaces the wood of the traditional Geta sandals. Every design created at Yume Yume might not be made for you but isn’t that the notion we are trying to break. If you feel comfortable and stylish in it, it is yours to own and style because what you feel confident in is what you look stylish and beautiful.

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We believe in Yume Yume to be your source of inspiration to believe in yourself and style your own way. Their products are highly comfortable, soft, and relaxing to the feet and indeed a fashion inspiration for a true fashionista. Now, buy your favorite label like Yume Yume online at the best prices only at eNibbana.