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Durable and Comfortable Track Shoes for Women

Bask in the glory of trendy, uber-cool, chic, and comfortable track shoes for women. Whoever said track shoes are only for training did not see these shoes coming. While these slips are perfect for rugged terrain, they also look cool and chic with casual everyday wear. Highly durable, comfy, and stylish, they are a blend of functionality with versatility and flexibility. This collection of footwear is a must-have for every fashionable and modern woman. The right pair of shoe can make a lot of difference to your overall attire. It should be comfortable, durable, trendy, chic yet elegant.

Tracks - Perfect companion for Rugged Terrains

Every pair from this collection comes from renowned designer brands who’ve made their name with quality and stylish boots over the years. These ladies ‘ boots look super cool and work wonderfully on rugged terrain. They are either handmade or with the most advanced and robust technology. For a fact, these are the only stylish shoes that balance well with casual and athletic wear.

The collection includes: 

  • Flat track shoes;
  • Track boots;
  • Leather track shoes;
  • Jaxstar;
  • Combat boots.

They come in brown, beige, black, pink, and plum shades with rare designs. High-end brands like LAST, BlueOnBlue, NoName, BRONX, and CONVERSE have their designer pairs included in this collection.

How to Clean Leather or Suede Tracks?

While they deliver good looks and phenomenal experience, they also get dirty after some usage. However, you can clean your tracks easily at home so that they stay in your closet for a long time, shining as new. Here are a few tips to clean your leather or suede shoes.

  • First of all, remember to not wet your leather or suede shoes as it tends to shrink, crack, or dry out when it gets wet.
  • Secondly, clean the footwear with a cleaning brush, often sold as ‘leather or suede cleaning brush.’ Remember, this brush is soft bristled. Gently scrape off the dirt without scratching the upper material. For suedes, always brush in the same direction.
  • Next, use a cleaner and gently brush off the dirt. For suede, rub with the pencil eraser.
  • Lastly, apply the leather conditioner and gently coat the whole shoe with a cloth. Use a suede spray to keep your suedes in healthy condition for a long time.

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Delivering the comfort of an everyday shoe, these slips are sure to blow your mind away with the styles you can create with them. Get the best graceful and chic footwear for women at affordable prices, only at eNibbana.