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Pet Charms! A Perfect Gift For Your Dog or Cat

Gift your furry friend the best of what they deserve. eNibbana brings these stunning and beautiful pet charms for your most loving and loyal ball of fur. Designed in pretty semi-precious stones, these amazing charms individualize your pet and helps them to be recognizable. These tags are the best gift for your four-legged friend to keep up their heritage of being a pedigree dog or cat.

Hand-made Jewellery for your Puppy or Kitty

All the pieces in our pet jewellery collection are handmade with authentic high-quality material that stays with your pet for a long time. These tags have the initial of your dog’s or cat’s name imprinted. Grab your dog’s initial and give a certain identity to their names. This exclusive range of tags includes designs with hand-carved semi-precious stones set in an 18k gold plated round disc and has one for each of your furry friends.

Suitable for Pets of all Ages

These luxury jewellery tags for your highly faithful pet are designed with attention to detailing keeping in mind your love for them. Select from a range of fashionable and trendsetter letters charms and let your loyal one look incredibly smart and intelligent. These designer accessories for dogs and cats come at unbelievably low prices considering their durability, high quality, and trendy and attractive designs. Get your loyal companion a charm of love and make them feel loved. Suitable for pets of every age, these enchanting and highly appealing charms come in an industrial-style hook to keep them securely tied to the collar.

Pet Tags from Renowned Designers

This round-up of beautiful, shiny, and charming tags comes from renowned designer P D Paola. Having reached most of the loved pets around the world, P D Paola is now on eNibbana to gift your dog something special that stays with them for life. 

The collection is designed in beautiful semi-precious stones like:

  • Labradorite;
  • Aquamarine;
  • Blue Spinel Zirconia;
  • Light Champagne Zirconia;
  • Green Peridot Zirconia;
  • London Blue Zirconia;
  • Rose Red Zirconia;
  • Black Zirconia;
  • White Zirconia.

Get the Best Pet Accessories in Affordable Prices

This stunning collection includes most adorable pet accessories that are highly durable, elegant, and luxurious with their high-quality and amazing styles. eNibbana offers these amazing charms at affordable prices. Buy these dog and cat accessories and declare your love for your ball of fur.