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MADE 94: Women's Footwear

MADE 94, The Fashion Magnificence, Made in Italy

Born in Italy, MADE 94 is a lifestyle brand that creates designs from a woman’s perspective. Rugged, comfortable, modern, fashionable, trendy, and functional are some of the qualities every shoe in their collection possesses. Their products are carefully crafted with a perfect silhouette, intricately designed with a cozy footbed, and mindfully stitched for long life. A long story of studying the European trends, renowned Italian craftsmanship, and customer needs, led to the creation of MADE 94. They work with the motive of bringing functional, versatile, and designer footwear for eclectic modern women.

MADE 94, Catering to the Needs of a Modern Woman

A modern woman demands a shoe that meets all her functional needs. Shoes that are comfortable enough to let her accomplish everyday activities with ease and stylish enough to help her slay the fashion game. MADE 94 does just that. They bring the most comfortable yet voguish footwear that stands true to its brand quality. Every pair in their collection comes with refined quality standards and immense comfort to effortlessly wear their designs all day long. Made for the active women who are always on the go, MADE 94 utilizes renowned Italian craftsmanship along with the latest innovative technology to craft best-in-class styles. 

Wide Range of Voguish Styles with MADE 94

MADE 94 uses genuine quality leather and other materials to stitch together the most comfortable, stylish, and quality shoe. The styles created at MADE 94 are not only comfortable and high-quality but also trendy, fashionable, and classy. Their products are highly functional and versatile, meaning they can be worn from morning to evening without a single moment of discomfort. They can be worn for casual events as well as for formal events and parties. Every piece from this collection is a masterpiece of elegance with attention to detail put in each one of them. Their products are a perfect match for different outfits, including formal, casual, and party wear. Choose from a wide range of: 

  • Sandals;
  • Heels;
  • Pumps.

In beautiful colors like: 

  • Gold;
  • Metallic Blue;
  • Metallic Silver;
  • Black;
  • Snake print;
  • Bronze;
  • Nude.

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