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No Name Shoes, The French Prestige

‘No Name’ is a luxury shoe brand launched in 1992 in France to change the definition of footwear for women around the world. The 90s saw a 5 cms sneaker designed by Maison Rautureau become a hit with the masses. ‘No Name’ still stands on the same grounds of manufacturing world-class heritage footwear that encompass the real idea of a sneaker. European craftsmanship is deeply embedded in the roots of ‘No Name’ and a matter of pride for them for its leatherwork and quality stitching. Perfecting the art of making world-class shoes, they have established themselves as a label that consumers trust for its quality manufacture, comfortable wear, and trendy models.

No Name Shoes, A Brand Independent of Passing Fashion

Many trends come and go, fading some fashionable styles in the dark. But were those styles meant to stay? No. Classic and evergreen fashion that people can relate to and fall in love with always stays. ‘No Name’ indulges in classic evergreen styles. Their designs are always independent of passing vogue. Their styles are comfortable, high-quality, highly functional, and versatile. Take the example of a 5 cm sneaker designed by Maison Rautureau. It became an icon and fashion lovers are still in awe of the age-old design. Every shoe made at ‘No Name’ boasts comfy and cozy designs that stand the test of time with comfort, style, functionality, and versatility.  

Modern and Chic Shoes in Bold Colors

‘No Name’ brings together your style, your thoughts, and your creative spirit to make a shoe that celebrates your individuality. Choose from a wide range of designer ankle boots, track boots, and other chic trainers. While these designs give you a chic look, they also accentuate the feminine side of your personality. Made with quality materials like leather, fabric, suede, rattan, and nappa, ‘No Name’ always stands the test of time with its comfort and long life. Their styles always come to your rescue in a fashion crisis. 

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For years, as a trusted brand for your fashion needs, we know what you will love and feel comfortable wearing. ‘No Name Shoes’ designs trainers that are a true testament to the classic and original sneaker designed back in the day. Their quality, comfort, style, functionality, and versatility are still maintained the same at ‘No Name Shoes.’ Available in all sizes, scroll through their catalog at eNibbana and buy online at the click of a button.