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Article: 70s Fashion! Trends You can’t Ignore Today

multiple multi color platform shoes
1970s iconic style

70s Fashion! Trends You can’t Ignore Today

Popularly called the ‘Me Decade’ by the famous author ‘Tom Wolfe,’ the 70s gave us the timeless styles and trends that none of the millennials or gen ‘Z’ could ignore. The unmissable trends in every era are loved by fashion enthusiasts around the world. Fashion trends are cyclical, they keep coming back from time to time with a modern twist. Remember when Marilyn Monroe’s iconic style inspired Versace’s 2018 spring collection. That makes us want to say, “Yesteryear’s fashion never dies.” Yeah, Yeah, we know Marilyn Monroe is from the 1950s. But, we believe fashion is ever-changing and recurring, which is why popular styles from every era do not fade forever and keep coming back with modern avatars.

The 70s Fashion

From bell-bottoms to skinny jeans, from high-waisted to low-rise, from calico dresses to quirky prints, fashion has come a long way from the hip 70s to the chic 2020s. 70s fashion was all about the freedom of expressing yourself, ignoring the conventional gender-specific styles. From going hippie to styling like a disco queen, fashionistas opted for earthy shades with flower prints. Gender-neutral paisley prints in vibrant colors were also one of the stylish options to go with bell-bottoms. The 70s retro and hippie fashion was so lit that fashionistas around the world still flaunt the iconic looks from time to time. Take for example the versatile and figure-hugging jumpsuits with bell-bottom pants in the 1970s. Iconic singers and performers like Elvis Presley and Cher adopted this style for their on-stage performances. Jumpsuits were so iconic that they are still a huge trend and a wardrobe staple for their feisty and easy-to-wear style. 

Through this blog, we will explore the major fashion trends that ruled the 70s and still rock the fashion scene. 

70s Fashion Trends You Cannot Ignore Today

  • Bell-Bottoms.

Also called flared pants, bell-bottoms were a hit in the 70s, becoming a major part of mainstream fashion. Both men and women rocked the bell-bottoms in denim, satin, cotton, and even polyester in vibrant colors and playful prints. Men worked out bell-bottoms with a plain shirt under a coat or with paisley shirts. Women paired bell-bottoms with majorly everything, from a tank top to a turtleneck sweater or a blouse. Below is the picture of Cher in a playful and vibrant co-ord set with bell bottom pants.  

bell bottoms jeans
Image: Pinterest via @

Bell bottoms have had several comebacks. They still rock the fashion arena and are one of the most admired fashion pieces by social media influencers. Bell-bottoms are generally high-waisted to balance out your hips and back while making your legs look longer. Women today love to pair bell-bottoms with a plain tee under a leather or denim jacket, with a white shirt, and even with a crop top. Anything works wonders for today’s women if it makes them feel comfortable and look confident.  

flared pants jeans
Image via Instagram @
bell bottoms jeans
Image via @
  • High-Waisted Pants.

High-rise pants were trending starting early 1960s and were still a hot trend in the 70s. They brought a perfect fit for women of all sizes while accentuating their shape. High-rise pants helped people get a beautiful silhouette accentuating the mid-section with a vintage-style blouse and a classic leather belt. Women also paired high-rise with turtleneck tops and full sleeve t-shirts. Majorly, high-waisted pants in the 60s and 70s were bell-bottoms. Check out the image below to see the high-rise pant style of the 70s.

women High-Waisted Pants
Image Via Pinterest @

Although low-rise jeans were a major trend in the 2000s, high-rise pants made a comeback in the late 2010s and are still loved by millions for delivering perfection around the mid-section. Straight fit, skinnies, and mom jeans are highly versatile and a favorite amongst women in high-waisted styles, while flares and cropped are all-time classics helping women flaunt their most fashionable sides. Instagrammers and fashionistas are seen pairing high-waisted jeans with a simple tucked-in tee or with a coat. Women also love to match high-waisted skinny or baggy jeans with a crop top or a bralette. Take inspiration from the images below.

white high-waisted jeans
Image via Pinterest @

South African Model and Philanthropist Candice Susan Swanepoel in high-waisted jeans and cropped shirt. 

denim high-waisted jeans
Image via Pinterest @
high-waisted jeans and cropped shirt
Image via Pinterest @
  • Platform Shoes. 

70s was altogether high on platform heels. They brought a beautiful silhouette enhancing the height and making women look taller and sexier. Bell-bottoms and a platform heel was all the rage to be the disco queen of the 70s. One could also pair platform heels with a maxi dress, a short dress, a midi skirt, or a mini skirt. Platform shoes were so popular back then that designers designed them with everything one could even think of, like a live aquarium inside the platform. They were worn with or without socks to bring a subtle grace to the shoe. Below are a few styles of how women loved to style platform heels in the 70s. 

brown platform heels shoes
Image via Pinterest 
Lilac platform heels shoes
Image via Pinterest 
multiple multi color platform shoes
Image via Pinterest @

Till today, platforms remain a highlighted piece of fashion. They are one of the go-to pair of shoes for women for spring and summer seasons. Pop stars like Ariana Grande and ‘Levitating’ singer Dua Lipa are often spotted wearing chic and groovy platform heels with mini skirts, dresses, and tights. Poker face star, Lady gaga too, has a penchant for platform heels and is often spotted in quite wacky shoes to be true. Take inspiration from these celebrities and style your next spring-summer look in chic and trendy platform heels.

Dua Lipa in platform heels
Dua Lipa in platform heels. Image via Pinterest @
Ariana Grande in quirky platform heels
Ariana Grande in quirky platform heels. Image via Pinterest @
Lady Gaga in super quirky and chic platform heels
Lady Gaga in super quirky and chic platform heels. Image via Pinterest @
turkay turkay

  • Jumpsuits. 

Originally created in 1919, jumpsuits became a fashion trend in the late 1960s and early 70s. Famous designers like Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent created jumpsuits as embellished one-pieces in leather and other fabrics in chic evening designs. ‘King of Rock and Roll,’ Elvis Presley made fringed jumpsuits with jewels his famous look for stage performances and concerts. ‘Goddess of pop,’ Cher, too adopted jumpsuits as her defined look for her performances. Basically, jumpsuits helped dissolve the stereotypical gender-based fashion styles. See the jumpsuit style of the 70s in the images below.

Cher in a jumpsuit
Cher in a jumpsuit in the 70s. Image via Pinterest @
Elvis Presley in his iconic bejeweled white jumpsuit
Elvis Presley in his iconic bejeweled white jumpsuit. Image via Pinterest @

Jumpsuits made a comeback in the fashion world in the early 2000s. Nowadays, jumpsuits have become a quick and effortless way to add chic to your style. Highly utilitarian, they give you a clean and simple yet feisty look with a single piece of clothing. Just add a sexy bag and a stylish pair of shoes and you are good to go with a jumpsuit. If the jumpsuit has a tube neck, accessorize it with a statement neckpiece, and if it has one shoulder, try pairing it with statement earrings to see your style take a turn. Take inspiration from the images below. 

white jumpsuit
Image via Pinterest @
blue jumpsuit
Image via Pinterest @
summer jumpsuit
Image via Pinterest
  • Crinkle Boots. 

70s was extremely dramatic with fashion and trends. Crinkle boots were another fashion trend that women loved flaunting. Crinkle boots were made using textured leather polished with shiny vinyl. They came in ankle boots style, calf-length boots style, as well as over-the-knee boots style with different heel types. They were super comfortable to wear and gave a beautiful silhouette to the legs. See the images below to check out the famous crinkle boots of the 70s. 

multiple crinkle boots
Image via Pinterest @
multiple crinkle stretch boots
Image via Pinterest

Crinkle leather boots, or now simply called high boots, are a major trend till today for their sexy vibe and confident looks. Women love to flaunt them on casual and formal occasions. They have also made their way to the runway fashion. From ankle-length to over-the-knee boots, they come in different lengths and different heel types. However, stylists suggest getting crinkle style high boots in leather, not suede, to create an everlasting impression and of course, to style like the 70s fashion queen. See some of the high boots below to get an idea of styling them with different outfits. 

akaada izumi pastel green crinkle boots
Image via
akaada Yoshi Black Thigh-High Stretch Patent crinkle Boots
Image via

Wrapping Up 

The 70s was altogether a different era for fashion and many other things. It gave us many cyclical styles and trends that became a major hit with the Y2K generation. These trends still rule the hearts of fashion designers and fashionistas alike. Figure-hugging t-shirts with flared pants, sweaters, or blazers with boots ruled the fashion world for women. Men loved ruffled and lace satin shirts with bell-bottoms, pleated pants, jumpsuits, and even double-breasted suits. While today’s fashion is about experimenting with your style, it is driven from yesteryear’s fashion too. In the end, its all about what you feel confident and comfortable in, that becomes your style statement.

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