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Article: 8 Scandinavian Fashion Brands Everyone Should Know

the top fashion houses in the Nordic region

8 Scandinavian Fashion Brands Everyone Should Know

When you think of Scandinavian fashion brands, it's usually the iconic fashion houses—Fjällräven, Ganni, Stine Goya, Cecilie Bahnsen — that probably come to mind as well as minimalistic edgy clean approaches. The designs of those Scandi brands are beautiful and totally worthy to put on your dream wish list, but they're not always the most practical or affordable choice. Luckily, a number of chic and more budget-friendly Scandi labels have emerged in recent years, making it insanely easy to pull off the minimalist, sporty, and trendy looks of the Scandinavians.

Nowadays you can’t even talk about fashion anymore without putting the Scandinavian fashion brand card on the table. When it comes to fashion style and trends Scandinavian brands have got it all figured out. Just think about the success of the brands of Vikings like Fjällräven with their amazingly designed and yet sustainable backpacks Kanken or one of Denmark’s finest fashion companies like Pandora. Some even argue that Scandinavian brands are among the first to set the tone for wearing sneakers with official wear such as suits, blazers, or even dresses. Its true Scandi style is more clean-cut and minimalistic without escaping functionality and comfort. At the same time, Nordic brands are always injecting excitement into the fashion industry and challenging the ordinary with inspirational designs. 

With so much influence, it’s fair to say that the region has secured its place as a mecca for emerging styles. Today we will share the 8 Scandinavian Fashion Brands to watch out for. Additionally, we will handpick trendy and edgy items that you absolutely need to add to your personal style to pull off the Scandi look

1. Läst 

Top Scandinavian fashion brand - Läst


Most likely you've already spotted Läst in your Facebook or Instagram feed. The brand's philosophy is resisting conventional ideas and providing unique and contemporary styles with raw, chunky, stylish footwear. Their dynamic, edgy boots and sneakers are just the right item to add to your dress-up wishlist. With their amazing ability for intricate detailing, a clean approach that seeks to combine beauty and comfort into designs, Läst has stolen so many hearts all over the region. To really get the Scandi look right, you need to add a pair of chunky white sneakers to your wardrobe. This is an item that undoubtedly all Nordic women have. 


2. Flattered 

Flattered is one of the leading apparel Nordic brands


All Flattered shoes are carefully designed in Stockholm and then produced in Spain.

The brand is an enchantment between Scandinavian minimalism and European tactile sense. Flatter’s Scandinavian heritage at the heart of the brand embraces a blend of classy and exclusive designs with modern forms and shapes. 

You might be a little surprised to see so many heels in their collection as Nordic women are not known for wearing as many heels and instead prefer the comfort of flat shoes. However, Flattered have managed to bring forward comfortable but yet sophisticated footwear and spice things up for the emerging high-toned women of Scandinavia by mixing European style with the clean approach of the North. Additionally, in their collection you can find beautiful flats for women as well. 


3. Ivylee Copenhagen 

Top brand in the Scandinavian region

We are not sure if this brand’s motto is “These boots are made for walking... ” but that would make a perfect fit. Ivylee Copenhagen takes chances with fashion and constantly explores new possibilities but they can never give up comfort. Like a true Scandinavian, you might want to wear the high-quality leather boots with a nice pair of mom jeans and a few layers on top like a white shirt and a good beige sweater. Sunny days in the Nordic countries are not in abundance, so cozy and warm clothes are a must. Ivylee Copenhagen is the Scandinavian fashion brand to watch. But don’t take our word for it. They recently appeared in the hard copy of British Vogue as an emerging star. Explore their collection at eNibbana - a multi-brand store where you can find inspirational designer items handpicked for women with exceptional style. 


4. ATP Atelier 

Scandinavian fashion companies you need to know

One thing is certain, Instagram Scandi girls adore loose clothing, that bоyish style mixed with quality designer items, class, and originality. Chances are you will find ATP Atelier tagged in some of the photos of the Nordic fashionistas and dashing Insta women of the region. It’s that type of aesthetic you know you will love about Scandi girl style: the quirky silhouettes, shapes, and forms combined with comfort. The lesson to take here is that you need to look modern and edgy but effortless. The trick is to rely on high-quality materials and apparel with a minimum amount of colors but throw some interesting shapes and forms into your outfit. Grab your favorite loose black pants, put on a cozy sweater & coat but put a little extra effort with a high-quality contemporary black mini handbag. Check out ATP Atelier’s collection to truly grasp the concept of groovy forms and shapes of your accessories.


5. Another Project 

eight Nordic fashion companies to watch for

Promising brand of style in the Nordic region


In the current sneaker competition of Scandinavian brands, Another Project is winning the battle. They are consistently producing stylish shoes, whilst using the coolest and most edgy design with the most eye-catching colors. Urbanism is their passion and quality is their rule. While these aren’t your classic footwear shoes, they are super versatile since a lot of them are considered multi-colored sneakers and can be paired with a variety of clothes like pants, jeans, shorts, and so on. Wearing sneakers is like a religion for Scandinavian people and if they are unorthodox, unpretentious but sophisticated you just know they will be wearing them. 


Nordic outfit styles and trends

Did you know that Scandi people are not opposed to wearing sandals with socks? Something that can be considered a big mistake in many other countries. However, if you know what you are doing it looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E, super modern, and fashionable. One woman’s Ugly duck is another woman’s swan, people say. If you dare step into this game be smart about it. Read an article or two about pairing sandals with socks to really learn how to rock this look. And here is our advice about the sandals: pick a high-quality pair with a safer color to accent the socks. One of Scandinavia’s leading shoe fashion stores is APAIR. They are super trendy right now and their mules are a killer, especially the beautiful summer sandals in beige. 


7. Bukela 

emerging fashion designers in Scandinavia


If you're looking for another star to add to your list of cool labels, meet Bukela. The brand is hyper focused on quality leather materials, you can see the leather motif in almost all of their shoes. Bukela is a Danish family brand and their most recent collection is everything that we love about Danish fashion - a bastion of minimalism and high quality. Casual comfort is king when it comes to their footwear like their leather western boots - low heel, classy and comfortable. Wear them with a big, loose dress with printed, gingham pants to spice things up. 


8. Nude of Scandinavia

learn more about Nordic luxury designers


Scandinavian style is not really about being girly, it is all about being modern, edgy, classy, and this often enough takes out a lot of the colors because the looks don’t bond well with girly. The Scandinavian woman is successful, smart, independent, and doesn’t want to come across as a softy. The all-black outfit is something you can see at the streets all over the Nordic cities including Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Bergen and more. Black is a predominant color for the amazing Swedish brand Nude of Scandinavia. You can trace black to their earliest collections. They are so in line with the Scandi style including their emphasis on clean lines, simple elements as well as the use of selected premium materials. Even in the name we find their passion for the “naked” shoe, that eliminates unnecessary embellishment. Try the all black Nordic outfit with an oversized coat, sweater with puffy sleeves, black jeans and a pair of amazing leather ankle boots

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