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Article: The 5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Have

The 5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Have
Ankle boots

The 5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Splurging on shoes from time to time is something we all do, and honestly, it feels pretty satisfying too. But how many models do we end up wearing most of the time? Right! The most comfortable, versatile, and timeless pieces are forever trendy and pair with most outfits.

The definition of a perfect shoe does not rest on design and trends but extends to comfort, versatility, and reliability. A perfect shoe is versatile for different outfits and occasions and reliable for being the go-to pair. Through this blog, we will list out five types of versatile and classic shoes you must have in your closet to slay most of your looks.

Why Go for Classic and Timeless Shoes?

Shoes can make or break any look. While a bad-looking shoe can ruin even the most perfect outfit for a woman, a good one can lift even a dreaded look. When we talk of a classic shoe, we mean a simple design and a comfortable and versatile pair that never loses its charm. A classic pair of shoes is one that you can reliably wear on different occasions. Take, for example, Oxfords or Brogues. They are highly reliable, comfortable, and versatile that women can easily wear for work and even style with jeans or skirts on the weekends. 

Oxfords skirts brown
Image: Pinterest @

Sneakers are another classic hit with the workforce and are perfect to style with jeans, shorts, and many other outfits. Sneakers have become such a classic staple that brides are now ditching high heels for sneakers on their wedding day. What an irony! 

bride sneakers
Image: Pinterest 

Or, heeled mules! Another classic and timeless shoe perfect for formal wear, casual wear, as well as party wear for women. They are forever trendy and comfortable with their small heel. Check out the heeled mules in the image below. They are perfect for every occasion. Plus, the black color being evergreen, matches most outfits. 

black heeled mules
Image: Pinterest 

Considering the long game of trends, you do not need a million pairs of shoes, just the right ones that you can wear season after season and with most outfits. 

The Five Types of Versatile and Classic Shoes Every Woman Must Have

A classic and versatile shoe is always en vogue and adds a touch of style and elegance to every outfit for women. These timeless styles are practical and essential for every closet. They surpass the fad trends and make for investments that never go out of style. 

  • Sneakers. 

Invest in a good sneaker, and you will never regret your decision. Sneakers are super comfortable, incredibly chic, and go with almost everything. They help you style effortlessly and give you a cool look. The best part is you can wear them every season. With sneakers in your closet, you can play with different outfits to style dramatic or keep them relaxed and casual. 

Right from everyday fashion looks to red-carpet events, Sneakers are the trend. They are one of the easiest and most comfy choices when running short on time. And, they are perfect for adventure sports. 

Sneakers give a laid-back chic vibe when paired with jeans or straight pants. See the girl in the image below, rocking ready-to-go chic looks with simple white sneakers. 

jeans straight pants white sneakers

Sneakers also look extremely cute with louder outfit choices like skirts and dresses.

sneakers louder outfit skirts
sneakers long outfit dress

rihana snekaers pink long dress


  • Ballet Flats. 

Ballet flats or Ballerinas come as classy and poised shoes for formal and casual wear. Plus, they are super comfortable and forever trendy, making them a must in every woman’s wardrobe. They can be as simple as a black or nude ballet without any detailing or as dramatic as a hot pink ballet with embellishments. It depends on your style and the occasion, the kind of ballet flat you want to go for, but a nude ballerina works beautifully for both casual and special occasions. 

This highly practical shoe is a blessing in disguise for super busy yet fashionable women who can slip on the ballet and move on. The classical ballet also comes in an upgraded wedge-heel style, making them highly versatile. They are also available in different shapes, colors, and patterns, qualifying as an essential shoe in a woman’s closet. 

Here are some styling options with ballerinas.
Ballet Flats

  • Pumps. 

Pumps add elegance and a sexy appeal to your overall look. They make you look confident, poise, and tall. They are excellent with formal wear and party wear. Always go for classic pumps without falling for trends-inspired shapes or patterns because classic pumps are timeless pieces of fashion that give an edgy look to your personality. You can also choose the color or pattern that suits your style best. But classic black or nude pumps work well with most outfits, making them versatile shoes in your closet. On that note, here are some styling options for you. 
jeans pumps shoes
blue dress pumps bag

  • Ankle Boots. 

At least one pair of boots is a necessity for every womans wardrobe. Why? Because they are season friendly, they are comfortable and can spruce up your overall look. Ankle boots are super easy to slip into, and they can be worn with most outfits, including jeans, shorts, skirts, tights, and even dresses. They are highly functional as they come in different heel lengths, colors, patterns, and materials. Consider leather ankle booties if your goal is to get a super durable piece for your wardrobe. 

Always remember the shaft length and if the shaft is wider or tighter around the ankles. Tight ankle boots with a higher shaft are great for skirts, dresses, or tights, while low shaft boots are the best match for jeans but work fine with skirts and dresses.
black ankle boots

Get this chic and highly functional ankle boot from eNibbana and feel the magic of ankle booties in your everyday looks. 

Check out some styles below for ankle booties. 

white ankle boots jeans coat
black ankle boots leggings
pink dress black ankle boots bag
black ankle boots floral dress leather jacket

  • Slide Sandals. 

Timeless fashion is about comfort, functionality, and reliability, which is why a pair of slide sandals are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. They are perfect for casual outings and loungewear and can be as chic or as subtle as you want. Slide sandals are your best footwear choice when you are in a hurry. Just slip them on, and you are ready to go. They also come in different colors, materials, and patterns, so you can have a vast selection to choose from. And they are highly affordable. 

Check out some images below for styling options.
brown slide sandals black pants skirt
blue slide sandals
white slide sandals black dress

Wrapping Up 

These are just five essential shoes that need to be in your closet. However, seeing as how much you love your shoes, you can always go for some trendy footwear and styles you might fall in love with. The limit is endless!

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