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Article: Casual to Formal: Mastering the Art of Scandinavian Outfits

Casual to Formal: Mastering the Art of Scandinavian Outfits

Casual to Formal: Mastering the Art of Scandinavian Outfits

Minimalism, simplicity, and functionality are the three main elements of Scandinavian fashion. Loved and embraced by people all over the world, Scandi fashion does not follow the cool codes of street-style fashion, rather focuses on timeless designs, elegant and minimal accessories, and high-quality, ethical clothing. For the people of Scandinavia, its about keeping individuality, comfort, and practicality at the forefront. 

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS 23’ was all about different shades of white and barbie pink with authentic scandi-style button down shirts, bodycon see-through dresses, lace and open weave knits, and denim-on-denim. Bright saturated colors in yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple were also seen coloring the ramp at SS’ 23’ shows. Chic minimalism of Scandinavian fashion ruled the ramp while bright hues were added as a playful and gritty accessory to spring/summer trends.

When it comes to Scandinavian fashion, there are many elements that can help you effortlessly master the art of styling from casual to formal while keeping it elegant, practical, and chic. This blog is a guide to curate a versatile wardrobe that helps you with a smooth transition from formal to casual or vice-versa. Let’s decode the art of Scandinavian styling and how to adopt it for a minimal and elegant wardrobe. Check out our Style Guide to Scandinavian Outfits to know more about the fashion of the Nordic region. 

Mastering the Art of Scandinavian Outfits - Formal to Casual

Nordic style is majorly about chic and minimal styling, less but elegant accessories, and functional details with high-quality, sustainable fabric. ‘Less is more’ when it comes to Scandinavian women who like to keep it authentic but fashionable. Here are a few basics of Scandinavian styling.

  • The Right Basics.

There are some versatile wardrobe essentials that lay the foundation for every chic outfit. These are some quality pieces that last for years and form the core of styling for every modern Scandinavian woman. Some of these wardrobe essentials are 

These basics help you effortlessly layer other pieces and come handy in every weather and occasion. Not only casuals, they are also great for formal wear. 

  • Chic and Elegant Blouses.

Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, Scandinavian women love blouses for being super versatile and practical. They help seamlessly transition from formals to casuals and can be mixed ‘n’ matched with everything in the wardrobe. For casual affairs, pairing a chiffon blouse with jeans or a skirt exudes a sophisticated yet relaxed charm. Meanwhile, for formal gatherings, collard-neck blouses in silk or chiffon can be complemented with tailored trousers or a sleek pencil skirt, projecting an air of elegance and refinement.

  • Layering. 

With the unpredictable weather of the Nordic region, it becomes critical to include layering to your style. A versatile navy blazer is a go-to option for many women in Scandinavia. However, black, pink, and light browns in wool, cashmere, or suede is also loved. For formal occasions, begin with a foundational outfit like a tailored dress or fitted trousers and a blouse. Add a versatile blazer or a cozy knit cardigan for a touch of elegance. For casual flair, top it with a stylish coat and accessorize with a scarf. To transition to formal, opt for a structured long coat and add minimalist jewelry to make it look polished and refined.

  • Comfortable and Trendy Shoes.

When it comes to shoes, Scandinavian women love a mix of practicality, comfort, and style. Ankle boots, minimalist sneakers, classic loafers, and oxfords are some of the versatile shoes that can be paired on formal as well as casual occasions. For a varied style, you can also go for sleek leather pumps or stylish heeled ankle boots, and keep it chic with tailored trousers or elegant dresses. Regardless of the occasion, Scandinavian style emphasizes on high-quality, versatile footwear that effortlessly complements every outfit while ensuring comfort and functionality.

  • An Eye for Details

Keeping an eye for the smallest of details is critical to a stylish and trendy look. For example, a monochrome outfit can be effortlessly transitioned from formal to casual with the change of right accessories and shoes. For a formal look, opt for classic jewelry and elegant heels. If it’s just a blouse and trousers, opt for a tailored blazer. To shift to a casual vibe, swap in trendy sneakers or comfortable flats and add a touch of playfulness with colorful accessories like a printed scarf or statement earrings. These small details effortlessly elevate or relax your style for any occasion.

Chic and Minimal Scandinavian Outfits - Formal to Casual

Here are some chic and minimal looks inspired by Scandinavian women that you can incorporate in your wardrobe for an ever classic and minimal yet fashionable style. 

  • Go Formal like Matilda Djerf

Matilda Djerf in Pant Suit with Vest for a Formal Event
Image: Pinterest @bianca🪐

Embrace minimalism and confidence in a formal look. Start with a tailored pantsuit in a classic color like black, navy, or gray and pair it with a crisp white or light-colored blouse. If the pantsuit has a vest, no need for a blouse. Opt for sleek and understated silver or gold jewelry and a minimalist watch. Choose comfortable and stylish heels or pumps in neutral tones. Keep hair and makeup natural and polished, allowing the outfit to speak for itself. Remember, less is more in Scandinavian fashion, so focus on clean lines and subtle elegance to create a sophisticated and chic formal look. 

  • Relaxed Formal with a Blouse and Midi skirt

Image: Pinterest

When taking a relaxed route for a formal occasion, pair a well-fitted blouse with a midi skirt in harmonious colors or monochrome. Choose minimalist accessories, comfortable heels, and keep hair and makeup natural. Consider adding a tailored blazer for extra refinement. Embrace simplicity and elegance while staying true to practicality and cohesive aesthetics.

  • Play Casual with a Midi Cut-Out Dress and a Blazer

Image: Pinterest @The street style report

A midi cut-out dress is a perfect option to create a chic casual look. This look will keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout. Get a midi dress in a laid-back silhouette and a warm color. Embrace simplicity by avoiding excessive accessories. Opt for comfortable sandals or sneakers and keep hair and makeup natural. To layer the look as per Scandinavian weather, opt for an oversized blazer. A chic handbag adds a touch of elegance and functionality to the overall look. 

Wrapping Up

While Sweden is more about raw and neutral colors, Copenhagen is more of bright hues. Overall, Scandinavian fashion is a perfect blend of minimalism, simplicity, comfort, individuality, and functionality. Keep it altogether and remember, when in doubt, less is more. Have fun while experimenting with your looks because your raw personality is the unfiltered and classic fashion you can flaunt. For comfortable and trendy shoes, check out eNibbana.


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