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Article: How to Perfectly Pair Shorts and Boots: Outfit Ideas for Summer

How to Perfectly Pair Shorts and Boots: Outfit Ideas for Summer

How to Perfectly Pair Shorts and Boots: Outfit Ideas for Summer

Pairing shorts with boots used to be an offbeat style but slowly and gradually became a go-to street-style outfit of every fashionista for being super comfortable and fashionable. Boots with shorts is a fun way to add an edgy element to the overall look while keeping it comfy. The latest trend in shorts and boots came in 2022 with bermuda style shorts and knee-high boots. Again, an unconventional but definitely noteworthy pairing, celebrities and influencers are often spotted rocking this combination at various occasions. From Bella Hadid to Tessa Thompson and Irina Shayk, many celebrities and influencers rocked this unusual combination in 2022 and 2023. 

Tessa Thompson in Bermuda Shorts and knee-High Boots
Image: Pinterest

Bella Hadid in Bermuda Shorts and Knee-High Boots
Image: Pinterest

This unique trend is not limited to women. Seemingly, men also love pairing shorts (read jorts) with Boots. 2023 Met Gala saw Pedro Pascal flaunting woolen shorts with a woolen oversized coat and boots.

Pedro Pascal at the Met Gala 2023


Yeah! Not an easy look to pull off. 

And, A$AP Rocky is comfortably rocking this trend with a pair of jorts and boots. 

A$AP Rocky in Jorts and Boots 
Image: Pinterest

Women who understand fashion know that boots are worn irrespective of the weather or season. They go with most of the outfits and look as chic as casual and punk. While boots with shorts is a super comfortable street-style look, it becomes quite challenging if you fall on the wrong side of working with the right pieces. Through this blog, we will explore some chic, trendy, and comfortable ways to pair shorts and boots for summer. But, before that, here is how shorts and boots are rocking the trend chart.

Bermuda Shorts and Boots in Trend

Starting 2022, shorts and boots came back in trends with bermuda style shorts and high-knee boots. Fashionistas with apprehensions about regular shorts and boots combination are loving this trend for taking a fresh and bold take on shorts and boots outfit ideas. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Suki Waterhouse, Irina Shayk, and many more are spotted rocking this trend. 

Kendall Jenner in Bermuda Shorts and Boots 

Bella Hadid in Bermuda Shorts and Boots

Suki Waterhouse in White Denim Bermuda Shorts and Glittery, Hot Pink Givenchy Knee-High Boots 
Image: Getty Images

Shorts and Boots Outfit Ideas for Summer

Besides creating an edgy look, shorts and boots help strike the right balance between comfort and fashion while adding a touch of individuality to your style. This outfit combination might not be as unique but its definitely one of the go-to looks for women who are short on time and still want to look their best casual self. Here are some chic and casual to laidback and edgy styles you can create with shorts and boots for summer. 

  • Casual Formal with Denim Shorts and Bonderia Western Boots


For a casual formal look, pair your thigh-high denim shorts with western boots for a touch of rugged charm. Tuck in a crisp white tee and layer it with a tailored cotton/linen blazer for a polished vibe. Complete the ensemble with a crossbody sling bag for practicality and style. The combination of denim shorts, western boots, and structured pieces strikes the perfect balance between casual and formal, creating a chic and effortless outfit. Take style cues from the girl below.

Image: Pinterest

  • Street Style Chic with Leather Shorts and New Kole Western Boots


Create one of your chic street-style looks with leather shorts and western boots and bring an edgy twist to your style. Pair the look with a sleek bodysuit that accentuates your figure and define your waist with a statement belt for added flair. Complete the ensemble with a crossbody sling bag for a touch of urban cool. Check out the girl below for style inspiration.

Image: Pinterest


Slay like a boss when you style your shorts suit with western boots for a trendy and chic edge. Opt for a black bodysuit underneath for a sleek and sophisticated touch. Cinch the waist with a stylish belt to add definition and enhance the overall silhouette. Be in your most confident self when styling a shorts suit for a look that deserves attention. Take style hint from the girl in the image below. 

Image: Pinterest

  • Relaxed Chic with Linen Shorts and New Kole High Western Boots


Create a modern cowboy look with beige linen shorts and cream cowboy boots like the girl in the image below. Team it up with a cream bodysuit to create a coordinated style. Accessorize with a boho clutch and a beige hat. This look is stylish, effortlessly cool, and perfect for all casual occasions. 

Image: instagram @leanncaves

  • Trendy Bermuda Shorts with Akaada ‘Momoko’ High Boots


Get in a super trendy and fashionable look just like Bella Hadid in the image below. Pair bermuda shorts with knee-high boots for an unexpected and stylish twist. Opt for a turtleneck crop top that adds a touch of sophistication. Layer it with a chic crop jacket for fashionable layering and a coordinated style. Complete the outfit with a sleek and structured handbag. This balanced and fashionable ensemble is a perfect choice for those looking to make a statement and showcase their unique sense of style. Find yourself a perfect pair of high boots at eNibbana

Image: Pinterest @juani

  • Chic Street Style with Biker Shorts and ‘Next Americana’ Western Boots


For a minimal yet bold look, pair biker shorts with heeled western boots delivering a trendy and edgy vibe. Opt for a matching shirt in a solid color for a streamlined and cohesive outfit. Keep the accessories minimal and stylish with a fashionable sling bag that complements the overall look. This minimal ensemble is a perfect choice for those who prefer a clean and sophisticated aesthetic while still incorporating trendy elements into their outfit. Take style inspiration from the girl below.

Image: Pinterest

Wrapping Up

Shorts and boots are a versatile, stylish, and a bold option when paired appropriately. Experiment with different lengths and fabrics to unlock a variety of styles and looks. Incorporate crop tops, bodysuits, or turtlenecks to add elegance and a bold vibe. Whether it's a laidback beach day or a fashionable city stroll, shorts and boots combination offers endless possibilities for a fashionable and comfortable summer wardrobe. For all your shoes and bags needs, head over to eNibbana.

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