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Article: Mastering the Look: Shorts and Boots Outfit Ideas

Mastering the Look: Shorts and Boots Outfit Ideas
Boots and shorts

Mastering the Look: Shorts and Boots Outfit Ideas

Boots are not just for the winters. Everyone knows that, don’t we? Instead, they are now a super functional wardrobe essential that you can style throughout the year. Boots are so versatile they can be styled with different outfits, from a maxi dress, mini dress, to jeans, and shorts. Wait! Did we say shorts? Yeah! A combination once considered an offbeat style, is now a chic wardrobe essential no one can avoid. Celebrities have styled boots and shorts since long now.

Hailey Beiber in Denim Shorts and Ankle Boots in 2020
Image: Pinterest

Bella Hadid in Shorts and Boots

Shorts with boots help strike a perfect balance between comfort, fashion, and ease-of-wear. They are a go-to outfit option for women who are short on time and want to style something comfortable yet fashionable for casual outings. This street-style has become so chic that it came to recent trends with an improved version of shorts, called bermuda shorts or Jorts. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Tessa Thompson, and many more were seen sporting them on several occasions. 

Bella Hadid in Bermuda Shorts and Knee-Length Boots

Kendall Jenner in Leather Bermuda Shorts and Knee-Length Boots

There’s no denying that shorts with boots is a super chic and comfortable outfit pairing that deserves a spot in every fashionable wardrobe. Let us take you through comfortable and fashionable looks you can create with shorts and boots on different occasions. But first, here are some things you should avoid when styling boots with shorts on different occasions. Check out our style guide to rocking shorts and boots for summer

Things to Avoid When Styling Shorts and Boots on Different Occasions

When styling shorts with boots on different occasions, there are a few things you should completely avoid. 

  • Skip heavy, bulky boots for a beach or summer outing as they can be uncomfortable. 
  • Avoid wearing shorts that are too short or revealing for formal events. 
  • Don't mix clashing patterns or colors between shorts and boots for a polished look. 
  • Refrain from wearing socks that peek out of the boots for a more refined appearance. 

Shorts And Boots Outfit Ideas for Different Occasions

While shorts might not be a perfect idea for formal occasions, they are definitely one of the most fashionable and comfortable options for different casual occasions. Here are some shorts and boots outfit ideas for different occasions. 

  • Casual Outings with Denim Shorts and Doc Martens


For a laid-back yet stylish vibe, grab a pair of distressed denim shorts – the one with a bit of fraying or rips works like a charm. Pair it with a super fashionable, trendy, and rugged boot like Doc Martens ‘Jadon’. Throw on a relaxed-fit graphic tee or a flowy blouse, tuck it in slightly at the front, and add a belt for an extra pop. Accessorize with a few layered necklaces and some oversized sunglasses. You can also carry your favorite handbag to make the look functional. This look is perfect for brunch with friends or a day of shopping. Take style inspiration from the girl below. 

Image: Pinterest


  • Music Concerts with Denim Shorts and Cowboy Boots


Cowboy boots have been a constant in music festivals like Coachella 2023 and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. It’s time you rocked one too at the next music festival by pairing denim shorts with a crop top, and knee-length cowboy boots. You can optionally throw a longline cardigan just like Kendall Jenner in the image below. Add a statement necklace, and a statement belt. Complete the look with aviators. Don't forget sunscreen and a crossbody bag to carry your essentials.

Image: Pinterest 

  • Date Night with Bermuda Shorts and High Boots


Get in the latest bermuda shorts and knee-length boots trend for a romantic evening out. Opt for leather bermuda shorts and pair them with a knitted top and heeled long boots to add a touch of sophistication. This look does not require any accessories to keep it chic and trendy. Take style inspiration from Kendall Jenner in the image below. 

Image: Pinterest

  • Sports Events with Biker Shorts and Doc Martens Sinclair Mystic


If you're going for an active and sporty vibe, grab your favorite athletic shorts – think running or biker shorts. Slip on some combat boots like Doc Martens. Sinclair Mystic from Doc Martens adds to the femininity with its floral design and still keeps it bold with a rugged style. A sporty tank top or a cropped hoodie will complete this athleisure look. Throw on a fanny pack or a backpack for a practical yet stylish accessory. This combo is perfect for a weekend hike or a casual day of exploring. Take style ideas from the girl below. 

Image: Pinterest

  • Night Out with Friends with Leather Shorts and Knee High Boots


For a night out with friends, opt for leather or faux leather shorts and pair them with heeled knee-high boots like ‘Kawa’ to get a fierce and confident look. Choose a chic blouse or a loose knitted sweater like the girl in the image below to amp up the glam and keep it comfortable. Grab a chic sling bag, do a bold smokey eye, rock a statement necklace, and you're ready to hit the dance floor and have a blast with your pals.

Image: Pinterest @Shannon Metzger

Wrapping Up

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, so don't be afraid to mix and match to create your own unique style. Whether you're going for casual, trendy, or dressed-up, rocking shorts and boots will definitely turn heads and make you feel like a fashion superstar. Check out amazing boots at eNibbana to amp up any look from boring to chic.


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