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Article: The Hottest Bag Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

The Hottest Bag Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

The Hottest Bag Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

From the iconic 2.55 quilted leather bag by Chanel in 1955 to Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag in 2020, bag model trends have come a full circle with color pops, styles, functionality, and a quirky element. As with the trends, we all know they keep coming back, but bag trends seem more fleeting than clothes, accessories, or shoes. After a hiatus of around two years when the need for carrying bags had disappeared overnight, bag trends seem to be catching up again with the latest fashion in the post-covid era. 

iconic 2.55 quilted-leather bag by Chanel
The iconic 2.55 quilted-leather bag by Chanel, image @pinterest
Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag by Daniel Lee
Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag by Daniel Lee, image @Pinterest

The glass bag from ‘Coperni X Home in Heven’ was supremely quirky, made famous after Kylie Jenner wore it to the press meet prior to the premiere of her show. Fact check, it was hardly functional or easy to carry, rest the hefty price it came with. 

Glass bad from ‘Coperni X Home in Heven’
Image @pinterest : Glass bad from ‘Coperni X Home in Heven’

Or take, for example, the trendy Tomme Studio's basketball bag with the Jordan air logo. While this is one of the coolest-looking bags out there, it can give you pain after hours of wearing. Plus, it is not that functional. 

Tomme Studio's basketball bag with the Jordan air logo
Image: Pinterest 

Or, the trendy Moschino Biker handbag, which actually looks super trendy and chic, but it doesn’t carry any functionality and, with all the hardware, it is quite a heavy one to carry. 

Moschino Biker handbag
Image: Pinterest 

There are many trendy, quirky and fun bags that fashionistas love to carry without them being functional, comfortable, or easy to carry. On the other hand, we believe fashion should be timeless, comfortable, and stylish besides being cool and functional. Through this blog, we will discover some of the coolest yet hottest bags for spring/summer 2022 that are equally fashionable as these quirky little odds but far more functional, evergreen, and worth their price. 

The Hottest Bag Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

As seen with the recent trends, shoppers are far more involved with luxury-focused shopping post the covid times. They want a luxurious yet spacious bag that can comfortably carry everything. Durability, longevity, and versatility are equally important too. The ‘It’ bag is a revived version of the old classics. 

Another essential factor buyers focus on is the vegan alternative to leather bags. From PU leather, mushroom leather, or apple peel leather, there are many alternatives to real leather now as compared to earlier. And they are equally stylish and trendy, although a little less durable. 

Overall, spring/summer fashion talks about a mix of fun colors and the latest fabrications that blends well with your aesthetics. But sometimes, having a little fun is equally important. Let us explore a few options that are as trendy as they are stylish, comfortable, and evergreen, along with some fashionable ideas to style them.

  •  The Crossbody Bag. 

This luxurious, trendy, and fashion-forward bag is a highly functional, evergreen, and durable accessory to be in your closet. And, it is highly comfortable to carry as it is flexible. The crossbody bag comes in different colors, styles, and fabrics. Plus, they are not gender-specific. Some crossbody bags also come with a top handle to make them more versatile. 

Take inspiration from the girl in the image below to style your cute-looking crossbody bag. See how comfortably she carries the bag and how easily accessible it is.

 cute-looking crossbody bag
Image: Pinterest 

The Assisi Crossbody Bag from eNibbana makes for an equally stylish and elegant but timeless accessory to complete your different outfits.

A mini crossbody bag also checks the trendy list for spring/summer bags. Check out this girl in a mini crossbody bag styled with sweats to create a casual and fashionable look. Change the sweats for a tee for the right spring/summer look. You can also go for other combinations of summer-friendly color options. 

mini crossbody bag sweats
Image: Pinterest
  • The Fanny Pack. 

The Fanny pack is another version of the crossbody bag. It is super trendy, and the fact that it is hands-free, functional, and comfortable makes it worth the price. 

Style a fanny pack with a tee, biker shorts, and combat boots to slay the most fashionable and comfortable looks in an athleisure outfit. You can layer the look with a denim/summer jacket. You can either go for a black bag or also opt for light summer-ish colors.

Fanny pack crossbody bag 

Image: Pinterest

  • The Belt Bag.

Or, go for a cute yet stylish belt bag, the ones seemingly more trendy now than ever. See how elegantly the below girl styles the leather tights with a tee and a jacket for that casually comfortable and chic look. 

belt bag leather tights tee and a jacket
Image: pinterest
  • The Tote Bag/Totes. 

Tote bags will always stay in trend, considering their roomy space, boho styles, and fabrications in different materials. Besides, they come with a minimalist look and beautiful warm colors. Although many designers are now adding fun colors and themes to the forever trendy tote bags. Their silhouette and size makes them easily recognizable and chic. Choosing the right tote bag for yourself is the trick to making your outfit stand out. 

Style your crossbody bag with jeans and a tee paired with heels to create a fashionably appealing look for spring/summer. The tote bag is, indeed, the attractive piece of fashion in the below look. This bag is crafted with fabric material. 

crossbody bag jeans tee paired with heels
Image: Pinterest

Or, get a leather tote bag and be as chic as ever with a casually attractive look. 

black leather tote bag
Image: Pinterest @

Check out the Lunano tote bag from eNibbana. Made with calf leather, this super stylish tote comes with a spacious pocket and looks elegant and chic. 

Lunano tote from eNibbana

You can also use a tote bag to create a chic boho look like the girl below. 

Tote bag to create a chic boho look
Image: Pinterest @
  • Handbags. 

Handbags are one of the versatile and functional bags every woman is seen carrying. There are many styles of handbags for women, from shoulder bags and satchels to clutch, bucket bags, hobo bags, and messenger bags. Most of the handbags are roomy and never go out of fashion. You often carry them in your arms or hands (hence the name), but with their long sling, they can also be carried on the shoulders. Be it for a formal look or a casual look, there is a handbag for every outfit and every occasion.  

  • A Black Handbag. 

A black bag should be a part of every closet considering its timeless elegance and versatility to match every outfit. Check out how fashionably stylish the girl in the image below looks with a black handbag paired with a simple tee and jeans. Yet, this look works every single time. The nude heels seem to do the trick with this black look. 

black handbag paired with a simple tee and jeans
Image: Pinterest @
dressed for Success

Check out the Arezzo black handbag from eNibbana to compliment your casual and formal looks with a timeless black bag.

Arezzo black handbag from eNibbana

  • A Bucket Bag. 

Bucket bags are a compact and fashionable way to accessorize your looks. Plus, you can wear them to work as well. Added to the trendy list of 2022, they will seemingly rule next spring/summer as well. 

See how fashionable yet subtle the below girl looks carrying a bucket bag. The blue bucket bag rightfully graces the all-white look and successfully grabs your attention. 

girl carrying a bucket bag
Image: pinterest @

Or, how beautifully this girl styles a denim shirt with a denim skirt and pairs it with a black bucket bag and black sandals to create a simple yet stylish look. 

denim shirt with a denim skirt and pairs it with a black bucket bag and black sandals
Image : pinterest @

  • The Hobo Bag. 

Hobo bag has made a comeback to the trendy styles of 2022 and seems to stay for good. They are super roomy like totes, and chic and functional enough to deserve a good place in your closet. Whether you like a mini hobo bag or its regular version entirely depends on your choice, as both styles are trendy and look awesome. 

Here is Haily Bieber in a white hobo bag, styling her casual looks with a short tank, mom jeans, and white sandals. 

Haily Bieber in a white hobo bag, styling her casual looks with a short tank, mom jeans, and white sandals
Image: pinterest @

And, here is Kendall Jenner holding her hobo bag in the most stylish way ever.

Kendall Jenner holding her hobo bag
Image: pinterest @

  • Mini Handbags. 

Mini handbags are one of the trendiest in 2022 and will continue to be the leading fashion accessory in the coming years. They are not so functional or roomy but can hold your essentials. They can help you get through that brunch, dinner, and even a special event most fashionably. 

A bag as small as the one in the picture below is trending this season too, and will continue to rule the trends for some time now. Style it with a gown or pair it with a casual outfit, it looks as cute and fashionable as ever. Plus, they come in many shapes and colors. Take inspiration from the girls below. 

Green Mini handbags
Image: Pinterest
orange mini hand bag
Image: Pinterest


Wrapping Up

These bags are some of the trendiest in the collection of 2022. They are super functional, comfortable to carry, and timeless, which is why they will continue to rule the upcoming trends. Add them to your closet, style multiple fashionable looks, and keep yourself updated with the most trendy and comfy fashion. 

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