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Article: The Ultimate Fashion Color Trends for 2022

The Ultimate Fashion Color Trends for 2022

The Ultimate Fashion Color Trends for 2022

From the runway to the streets, colors have taken over 2022 with a bang. Going big, bold, and bright is the newfound confidence women need after the laidback pandemic styles ruled for quite some time. Colors have the power to bring life to any outfit. They help in boosting your mood and working up your confidence. But do colors actually have any influence on mood-boosting or feeling happy? Let’s find out.

Fashion psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen coined the term ‘Dopamine Dressing,’ which revolves around wearing clothes that boost your mood. Why dopamine? Because dopamine is a chemical released in your brain when you feel happy and satisfied. Though there is no definitive study around it, Dr. Karen bases her theory on how colors, images, fashion styles, or beauty can impact human behavior. 

Colors are an integral part of dopamine dressing. While we cannot deny that bright, bold, or subtle hues do make us feel in a certain way, at the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that this theory does not follow a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Finding joy and happiness in colors is different for different people. While some find happiness in bold and bright colors, some love warm hues like black, brown, or grey, and some love soft pastel colors. 

The fashion color trends of 2022 come from positivity, joy, warmth, and growth. There are bright and bold colors that inject a new life into your wardrobe, and then there are timeless colors like whites and blacks that need to be in every wardrobe for that classic dressing. This blog discusses the ultimate fashion color trends of 2022, and we love each one of them. 

Fashion Color Trends for 2022

Colors do have the power to inject life into your wardrobe. When you reimagine colors from blacks, browns, and greys to hot pink, reds, and lilacs, you uncover a new version of yourself filled with good vibes, confidence, and love. 

Many fashion houses and brands will tell you to keep your skin tone in mind while selecting the right color for your fashion choices. Ohh! Well, we do not understand anything as a suitable color for a particular skin tone. We do not want you to keep your choices limited if you are a darker or a lighter shade. The only thing we want you to remember before selecting the right fashion color is your love for the color and your happiness when you wear it. If you love the color, go ahead and wear it and notice your confidence go up as never before. With that in mind, let’s see a few fashion colors of 2022 and how you can style them with different outfits.

  • Very Peri.

    Pantone Fashion Color of the Year 2022 - Very Peri
    Pantone Fashion Color of the Year 2022 - Very Peri

Pantone announced ‘Very Peri’ as the color of the year 2022 in December last year. ‘Very Peri’ comes from the blue family and takes the undertones of violet and red. It was decided keeping in mind the current global culture and transformation. This color is somewhat similar to the lilac family and is a perfect color to create cheerful and vibrant looks. It also works easily with warm and cool tones. Here are some ways to style ‘Very Peri’ or the lilac shades. 

  • Straight Pants with a Turtleneck Sweater. 

An exquisite and fashionable way to dress up in very peri/lilac shade is with straight pants and a turtleneck sweater for fall/winter. This look works for casual and formal occasions.

straight pants turtleneck sweater very peri lilac
Image: Pinterest @

  • Gown. 

Or, take inspiration from Jessica Chastain’s lilac Gucci gown from the Academy Awards, 2022, and style your special events with the trending color of the year. This look is summer-ish, however you can also try it for winter noon events. 
Jessica Chastain’s lilac Gucci the Academy Awards, 2022

  • Maxi Dress. 

A maxi gown like the one below is perfect for beach vacations, casual parties, or date nights.

maxi dress very peri
Image: Pinterest @

  • Fuchsia Pink. 

Fuchsia pink/hot pink is everywhere in 2022. While soft pinks are passé, hot pink is the fresh and bold color women need in 2022 to serve the right confidence and energy. Valentino's fall ‘22 show was all about fuchsia pink/hot pink, from the outfits to the shoes, bags, and even ambiance. Their ready-to-wear collection covered the tones of fuchsia pink (except the black towards the end) from head to toe. Here are some outfit combinations you should try for a win-win fashion sense.  

  • Look Chic in a Hot Pink Coat/Shirt. 

Add a hot pink long coat or shirt to an otherwise neutral look and make your style stand out with the latest color trend. Check out the girls below for style inspiration.  

hot pink long coat or shirt
Image: Pinterest @

  • Hot Pink from Head-to-Toe.

Style yourself in a monochrome look like Ariana Grande at the R.E.M beauty launch at Ulta stores. Pair your hot pink dress with matching tights and footwear. 

monochrome look like Ariana Grande at the R.E.M beauty launch at Ulta stores
Image: Instagram @arianagrande


  • Co-ords in Hot Pink. 

You can also style yourself in a hot pink shirt and matching flared pants, or a co-ord set works just as well. Check out Julia Roberts in a hot pink two-piece set. 

Julia Roberts in a hot pink two-piece setImage: Pinterest

  • Bold Orange. 

Bright and bold orange is another trendy color of ‘22 seen on the runways and through the street style. Orange has a warm, cozy, joyful, and dominating tone to it. While orange is a summer color, you can also wear this for fall and winter. 

  • Orange Coat for the Winters.

Take inspiration from Rihanna and style a bright orange fuzzy coat for winter in a fashionable way.

Rihanna bright orange fuzzy coat winter
Image: Pinterest @

  • Color-Coordinated in Orange. 

You can also wear an orange dress and pair it with an orange coat. Remember to accessorize your bright orange outfit with gold earrings, a neckpiece, and golden boots for a win-win style statement. 

orange dress orange coat gold earrings, a neckpiece, and golden boots
Image: Pinterest @

  • Orange Boots for a Chic Look. 

You can add a dash of orange to a subtle-toned ensemble and make the outfit stand out. Get in a black dress, layer it with a coat, and pair it with orange boots to raise the bar for a subtle look while keeping it as elegant as ever. Check out the girl in the image below. Just swapping the black boots with orange does the trick for her. It will also color-coordinate with her bag.  

black dress,black coat, and pair it with black boots, orange boots
Image: Pinterest @

These orange chelsea boots are perfect for creating this fall/winter look. Check out eNibbana for these fashionably trendy boots that are sure to raise the fashion bar in every outfit.
orange chelsea bootsSHOP THESE BOOTS >

  • Lime Green. 

A somewhat unusual yet eye-catching color in fashion is lime green. It also comes through as a neon color, but there are more versions in pale yellow. Bottega Veneta’s SS ‘22 ready-to-wear collection included different shades of lime green, some very bright and some too subtle. Here are some outfit ideas for the shades of lime green. 

  • Two-piece Lime Green for the Winter. 

The two-piece lime green sweater with a matching skirt works well for winter. Pair it with contracting chelsea boots to set the bar right with trendy colors in fashion. 

two-piece lime green sweater with a matching skirt

  • Glow in Lime Green Maxi Gown. 

Create your elegant and chic look in a lime green shade with a maxi gown like the ones below. Pair it with a subtle sandal to keep all the eyes on your outfit.  

lime green maxi gown subtle sandal

  • Lime Green Pant Suit. 

Lime green pantsuit is an obsession in the fashion fraternity. People are seen flaunting them at red-carpet events and even casual events. Pair your pantsuit with matching or contrasting heels, and seal the look with a small handbag.

pantsuit with matching or contrasting heels, and seal the look with a small handbag
Image: Pinterest @

Wrapping Up 

There are more than 300 colors in the Pantone color-matching system. And trust us when we say, everyone can and should wear the color they love and want. Because, what you love and feel confident in, is fashion, irrespective of the trends, your skin tone, or what people will tell you. Wear the color you love and see the sudden change in your confidence and happiness.

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